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Premium Paint by Numbers Kits for Art Enthusiasts

Paint by numbers is a great way to relax and get in touch with your creative side. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, paint by numbers canvases are a perfect way to de-stress and craft beautiful decor for your walls.

Shop by Project Length

Unleash your creativity with our curated collections of paint by numbers kits, categorized to match your schedule and skill level. Whether you're looking for a quick artistic escape or a deep dive into detailed painting, we've got you covered!

One Week Projects

Perfect for beginners or those looking for a brief creative getaway. These simple yet stunning designs can be completed within a week, offering a satisfying project without a big time commitment.


1-2 Weeks Projects

Ideal for intermediate artists who enjoy a bit more complexity. These kits will take you on a slightly longer journey of creativity, perfect for those leisurely afternoons or weekends.


2+ Weeks Projects

Aimed at advanced painters who relish a challenge. These intricate designs offer a rewarding project that you can immerse yourself in, transforming your dedication into a masterpiece over time.


Customer Testimonials: Paint By Numbers Experiences

Emy Simsig


"It was incredible to see the painting 🖼️ come together as I’m not a creative person at all. The colors are beautiful and smooth (and plenty so I didn’t have to worry about running out). You can definitely tell the materials are premium. The numbers on the canvas are easy to read and it’s slightly colored so it’s even better."

Jerry l.


"The product is amazing, numbers are very easy to read, the paint pots have a very high quality acrylic paint. The order was received as advertised and in great shape. I was a little optimistic about ordering of internet as I have been burned a few times, however your products and service were right on."

Diana D'Uva


"I love this company. I'm very impressed by the guiltily of the canvas and the paints.. They created a canvas for me from a photo with some changes. I have had other company painting but the paints were either dried out or the pigment of the paint did not cover even after 4 coats of paints."

Michelle Spinhirne


"I have done 50+ paint by numbers and this is the most fun I have had. A kit which was perfect quality. A stunning subject. And brilliant colors. Thank you canvas but numbers! Now to order my next painting."

Paint by Numbers Benefits

The Calming Effects of Paint by Number - This stress-busting activity is a great way to relax and de-stress. It's easy to do, and you don't need any prior art experience. Plus, the sense of satisfaction you'll feel when you finish your project is unbeatable.

Learn Real Painting Skills - paint with numbers kits also help you learn painting skills. Techniques like blending colors, creating textures or using different brushes are just a few things you'll be trying!

Create Your Own Artwork - what if you're not an artist? Don't worry, because anyone can create beautiful artwork painting with numbers. In fact, you can even paint your personal photo with our custom kits.

The Perfect Original Gift - Paint with numbers gifts are perfect for any occasion. Not sure what to get your relative for a birthday? Why not make them their very own custom painting! They’ll love that you put in the extra effort to make them something special and unique. And if you accidentally get the wrong color...well, it’s art; just call it abstract!

Add to Your Sense of Accomplishment - We all know how satisfying it feels to reach a milestone, yet sometimes our everyday tasks leave us feeling like we didn't get quite enough of that feeling. That's where canvas by numbers comes in! This classic activity is a great way to give yourself a sense of accomplishment, while also having some well-deserved fun.

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