Collection: Our Newest Canvases

At Canvas by Numbers, we are constantly adding to our collection! Whether it’s finally getting licensing approval for a classic painting from one of the old masters or it’s a fresh piece from a young modern artist just gaining notoriety, whatever we add to our online store will appear here first! Our new canvases help keep our selection energized and unique! Explore all our new paint by number offerings here, and discover licensed kits that ensure artists are getting paid for their hard work and stunning designs!

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We Support Artists

We’ve mentioned licensed artwork kits many times in our online store because it’s important that you know all about our ethical sourcing methods. We help small artists thrive and contribute to the preservation of famous artworks through these licensing fees. If you want to help the art world continue to grow, shop our new canvases to fund artists around the world and create something beautiful!

Reconnect With Yourself

While there are tons of creative, stress-relieving applications out there that allow you to paint by numbers just by clicking on your screen, we believe that the tactile actions of painting on an actual canvas are so much more powerful than art made on your phone or tablet. Even better, once you finish one of our new canvases, you can hang up a real piece of art to enhance your home decor! We even offer you custom options that allow you to paint family members, memories, and pets! You send in photos, and we recreate your design on a canvas with printed, paint by numbers guidance – paint, brushes, and accessories included!

Whether you’re already a somewhat experienced painter or you’re searching for a new hobby to explore, our new paint by number offerings could be the inspiration you need. Shop all our collections today to discover something exciting to paint!