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Custom Landscapes

by Canvas by Numbers


Superior Quality Materials

Free photo check (email us)

Detailed Artwork = Stunning Results

Tube or box package. NO wrinkles

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What if you could turn your happiest memories into a painting? Even better, one that you actually paint yourself.

Whether you are a skilled artist or a complete amateur, with our custom paint by numbers kits, you can turn your fondest photo into a paint by number kit. Our Paint by Number kits for adults feature real canvases with detailed line art to fill in. Each section is labeled with a small number to show you the correct paint color, so artists of all ages and experience levels can achieve impressive results.

If you're looking for a meaningful present to offer to your loved ones, your friends, or colleagues, our custom paint by number kits will make it memorable when you turn a photo into a painting!

    All our Canvas by Numbers painting kits include the following:

    Finely woven cotton blend canvas.

    Pre-mixed acrylic-based paint set.

    3x artist paint brushes.

    Hanging kit for framed kits.

    Color print & palette chart

    Reference sheet of the canvas.

    Getting Started quick guide.

    Pick your favorite format:

    No Frame: rolled canvas in a protective tube.

    DIY Frame: includes an easy-to-mount frame. View the video in step 5 of our paint by numbers guide.

    Pre-stretched on Frame: the canvas is already stretched over a pine wood frame. Ready to paint & hang!

    Please note we use the original artwork image for display. We'll send you the paint by numbers conversion of the image. Thank you!

    There are four recommendations to keep in mind when choosing your image for best results. These are:

    ✅ Image resolution/quality.
    ✅ Distance from the camera
    ✅ Good lighting
    ✅ Canvas size
    Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your photo follows the guidelines. We will process the image received, so you must read carefully the items below and select your picture accordingly.

    1 - Image resolution/quality

    The quality of your photo will greatly affect your custom painting result. The sharper your image is, the better!  

    ➡️ Try the quick zoom test. If you can zoom in on your image and it remains sharp, you're good!
    ➡️ You can also check the image properties on your mobile or desktop. The higher more pixels, the better. Try to provide a photo with at least 1000x1000 pixels. If you don't know how to check your image resolution, here's a quick guide to do so on Windows and Mac.

    2 - Distance from the camera

    ➡️ The closer the subject is to the camera, the more details we can capture. As a rule of thumb, the subject/s of the photo should take at least 70% of the pic. Face selfies will work best! Please avoid far shots as they will have substantially less details.
    ➡️ It is also recommended that you pick a minimum of 36 colors. More colors means more accuracy when it comes to portraits. You can also go for 24 colors, but detail will be reduced acccordingly.

    Custom paint by numbers recommendations 1

    3 - Pick a photo with neutral lighting 

    Light and shadows can impact your custom kit. You need to make sure that your photo has:

    ➡️ Good lighting. Choose images where the light is uniform across the subjects. 
    ➡️ NO instense background light. The light should always come from the camera angle.
    ➡️ NO shadows on the skin. Shadows can completely change the color palette, creating dark patches.
    ➡️ NO color filters! The light should be completely natural. Rephrase from using tints such as yellow, blue, purple or green, which are very popular in social media or in some photography apps.

      How to pick a good image for your custom kit - Canvas by Numbers

      4 - Pick the right canvas size

      This might seem like common sense, but the larger the canvas, the more detail we can include. We generally recommend a minimum size of 16x20 inches for portraits or any images with a fair amount of complexity. If your image has small text or specific words you'd like to be visible, please email us in advance. Choosing a smaller 12x16-inch canvas will result in a proportional reduction in detail.
      Choose a good picture for you custom painting kit - Canvas by Numbers

      🚨 Please note that submitting a picture that fails to follow these recommendations might cause delays in your order and a result below your expectations. If you have any questions, feel free to email us your picture in advance at so we can have a look. Happy painting!

      1. Pick the SIZE, FORMAT (no frame, DIY frame or framed) and number of COLORS you'd like for your custom kit.

      2. Click on the  "CHOOSE IMAGE" button. It is mandatory that you upload your picture.

      3. Select your photo from your device. The editor will open.

      4. Use the options at the bottom to edit your image. From left to right, you will be able to crop, rotate, enhance color, sharpen or make your image black & white. Simply click on any icon to start editing your image.

      The cropping tool is particularly useful, since you can preview how your image will fit the canvas size. For example, if you pick a 12x16" canvas (30x40cm), you'll see the following options:

      FREE allows you to crop the image as you like, but we recommend using the RATIO options (3:4 or 4:3) options since these will match your canvas. APPLY any desired changes.

      5. Once you are happy, click on ADD and you're done!

      📦 Preparation time: 1-3 business days (production & packing).
      🚀 Shipping time: 7-15 business days.

      - FREE standard shipping on orders over $60.
      - You will receive your order's tracking number via email.
      FedEx expedited is available at checkout for $30 (flat fee, order as many items as you want). 3-7 business days shipping.

      There are tons of paint by numbers stores. Most of them source their kits from cheap manufacturers that sell them in places such as Aliexpress or Wish. What sets us apart?

      We design our kits in-house as a private label product. You won't be able to buy our kits anywhere else. You might find the same image, but it won't be the same quality.

      Canvas by Numbers Best Paint by Numbers_1✔️ No more eye strain. Colored and clear canvases. Stay away from cheap prints!

      Canvas by Numbers Best Paint by Numbers_2✔️ No more creases & wasting time ironing the canvas. We shipped all our canvases rolled in a hard tube, never folded.

      Canvas by Numbers Best Paint by Numbers_3✔️ Paints storage box provided. Tidy and organized. Did we mention that our kits go up to 28 colors?

      Canvas by Numbers Best Paint by Numbers_4✔️ Gorgeous packaging. Which one would you give as a gift?

      Enhance Your Painting Experience

      • Custom Landscapes (This item)


      • Extra Paint Set


      • Extra Fine Detail Weasel Hair Brushes


      Indulge in the pleasure of painting with our all-inclusive CBN Kit, designed to offer you a seamless and enjoyable art experience. Relax and focus on enjoying your new masterpiece!

      • Premium blend colored canvas

      • Premixed acrylic paints set

      • Set of brushes of assorted sizes

      • Reference sheet included

      • Pre-stretched canvas option

      • Easy getting started guide

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 618 reviews
      Diana D'Uva (Beachwood, US)
      Difficulty: Easy
      Recommendation: Absolutely!
      A coustom painting..

      I love this company. I'm very impressed by the guiltily of the canvas and the paints..

      They created a canvas for me from a photo with some changes.

      I have had other company painting but the paints were either dried out or the pigment of the paint did not cover even after 4 coats of paints..

      I have order 6 more paintings and I love each of them. When I'm done I'll post them.

      The family one is custom
      Jesus was just one I chosen

      Thank you canvas by number customer service. You are so easy to talk to and all the help you gave me.

      Joh Wils (Jyväskylä, FI)
      Difficulty: Intermediate
      Recommendation: Absolutely!
      I'm obsessed

      This is my favourite picture of my Millie when she was a pupper. I've got a whole folder now of photos I want CBNs of!

      Robin (Wooster, US)
      Difficulty: Advanced
      Recommendation: Absolutely!
      My Beloved Ivy

      I absolutely LOVE these custom canvases! They are very realistic and look remarkably like the original photo. This is my 5th Canvas By Numbers piece and I'll be ordering more!

      Kacie Gresch (Shinnston, US)
      Difficulty: Intermediate
      Recommendation: Absolutely!
      Turned out amazing

      It came out just wonderful! Up close it looks a bit of a mess LOL but of course as you back out the magic happens. So much fun, I loved completing it! Can't wait to do my next project.

      Brenda Wasden
      Difficulty: Intermediate
      Recommendation: Absolutely!
      Elvis & Me

      This was my favorite paint by number and best of all it was on the canvas!

      Brenda W

      Difficulty: Advanced
      Recommendation: Absolutely!
      Mr Needles HedgieCone

      I had so much fun with this. I was worried the quills would be hard to paint. It ended up being a blast. I love how it came out.

      Nicole T.

      I love how this painting turned out!!

      Cecile Russo (Livingston Manor, US)
      Difficulty: Intermediate
      Recommendation: Absolutely!
      Dog Balee

      Enjoyed painting our dog. Easy to do and lots of fun. All paint and brushes included.

      Custom Landscapes-Paint by Numbers-12"x16" (30x40cm)-No Frame-Standard (Up to 24 Colors)-Canvas by Numbers US

      Custom Landscapes


      Turn Your Photo into a Painting!

      Our custom paint by numbers kits are the perfect way to capture a memory. We can take your high-resolution photograph and create a numbered canvas that is simple and fun to paint with our premixed paints. Impress yourself and others with our custom paint by numbers canvas kits that create a gorgeous finished project!   

      If you're looking for a meaningful present to offer to your loved ones, your friends, or colleagues, our custom paint by number kits will make it memorable when you turn a photo into a painting!

      A Wonderful Gift for Any Occasion

      Whether you plan to give a gift of a finished painting or give a personalized paint by numbers kit to a creative loved one, you’re sure to hit the nail on the head for the occasion. A beautiful wedding photo, a family picture, a portrait of a beloved pet, or a landscape from a cherished vacation spot all make excellent subject matter for paint by numbers. Your gift will show just how much thought and effort you put into making an occasion something special to be remembered. We also offer Canvas by Numbers gift cards that give your recipient complete creative choice when picking out a custom paint by numbers kit.

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