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Custom Landscapes

Custom Landscapes

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Turn Your Photo into a Painting!

Our custom paint by numbers kits are the perfect way to capture a memory. We can take your high-resolution photograph and create a numbered canvas that is simple and fun to paint with our premixed paints. Impress yourself and others with our custom paint by numbers canvas kits that create a gorgeous finished project! If you're looking for a meaningful present to offer to your loved ones, your friends, or colleagues, our custom paint by number kits will make it memorable when you turn a photo into a painting!

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What's in your Custom Kit?

Your Custom Canvas by Numbers kit includes the following:

✅ Pre-printed numbered 100% finely woven cotton blend canvas.
✅ Numbered acrylic-based paint set. No mix required, non-toxic.
✅ Set of 3x standard paint brushes (1x small, 1x medium, 1x large).
✅ Hanging kit, including 2x screws and 2x non-track hooks (DIY frame or framed kits).
✅ Color print with the color chartreference sheet of the lines and numbers and instructions manual.

🚨 We will send your canvases rolled in a protective tube to arrive in perfect condition with zero creases. Each tube can contain up to three canvases. Note that 24x32" canvases will ship folded due to standard shipping restrictions unless you choose FedEx expedited at checkout.

You can choose different formats for your Custom Canvas By Numbers kit:

➡️ No Frame: the canvas ships rolled in a protective tube. No frame is included.
➡️ DIY Frame: we will add four pine wood stretcher bars. Easy to mount within minutes! You can watch the video in step 5 of our paint by numbers guide.
➡️ Framed: we will stretch the canvas over four pine wood stretcher bars and use a professional stapler to fix it. Ready to paint & hang.

    How to Order?

    1. Pick the SIZE, FORMAT (no frame, DIY frame or framed) and number of COLORS you'd like for your custom kit.

    2. Click on the  "CHOOSE IMAGE" button. It is mandatory that you upload your picture.

    3. Select your photo from your device. The editor will open.

    4. Use the options at the bottom to edit your image. From left to right, you will be able to crop, rotate, enhance color, sharpen or make your image black & white. Simply click on any icon to start editing your image.

    The cropping tool is particularly useful, since you can preview how your image will fit the canvas size. For example, if you pick a 12x16" canvas (30x40cm), you'll see the following options:

    FREE allows you to crop the image as you like, but we recommend using the RATIO options (3:4 or 4:3) options since these will match your canvas. APPLY any desired changes.

    5. Once you are happy, click on ADD and you're done!

    How to Pick a Good Photo?

    There are four recommendations to keep in mind when choosing your image for best results. These are:

    ✅ Image resolution/quality.
    ✅ Distance from the camera
    ✅ Good lighting
    ✅ Canvas size
    Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your photo follows the guidelines. We will process the image received, so you must read carefully the items below and select your picture accordingly.

    1 - Image resolution/quality

    The quality of your photo will greatly affect your custom painting result. The sharper your image is, the better!  

    ➡️ Try the quick zoom test. If you can zoom in on your image and it remains sharp, you're good!
    ➡️ You can also check the image properties on your mobile or desktop. The higher more pixels, the better. Try to provide a photo with at least 1000x1000 pixels. If you don't know how to check your image resolution, here's a quick guide to do so on Windows and Mac.

    2 - Distance from the camera

    ➡️ The closer the subject is to the camera, the more details we can capture. As a rule of thumb, the subject/s of the photo should take at least 70% of the pic. Face selfies will work best! Please avoid far shots as they will have substantially less details.
    ➡️ It is also recommended that you pick a minimum of 36 colors. More colors means more accuracy when it comes to portraits. You can also go for 24 colors, but detail will be reduced acccordingly.

    Custom paint by numbers recommendations 1

    3 -
    Pick a photo with neutral lighting

    Light and shadows can impact your custom kit. You need to make sure that your photo has:

    ➡️ Good lighting. Choose images where the light is uniform across the subjects. 
    ➡️ NO instense background light. The light should always come from the camera angle.
    ➡️ NO shadows on the skin. Shadows can completely change the color palette, creating dark patches.
    ➡️ NO color filters! The light should be completely natural. Rephrase from using tints such as yellow, blue, purple or green, which are very popular in social media or in some photography apps.

      How to pick a good image for your custom kit - Canvas by Numbers

      4 - Pick the right canvas size

      This one seems like a no-brainer - the larger the canvas the more detail we can fit. We always recommend a minimum size of 16x20" for portraits or any picture with a bit of complexity. If you pick the smallest 12x16" canvas, the amount of detail will be reduced accordingly. 

      Choose a good picture for you custom painting kit - Canvas by Numbers

      🚨 Please note that submitting a picture that fails to follow these recommendations might cause delays in your order and a result below your expectations. If you have any questions, feel free to email us your picture in advance at so we can have a look. Happy painting!

      Shipping Information

      🚀 Enjoy free shipping on orders over $60!


      ➡️ Our custom kits are made to order and shipped directly from our workshop. Once we receive your order and start working on it, we'll print the shipping label and email you the tracking information.


      🚨 We like to pay attention to detail when working on each custom order, so we will need 5-10 business days to produce your painting plus shipping. We appreciate your understanding, as this is a custom piece made just for you.

      📦 Once your custom piece is finished and packed, we will hand it to the carrier, and you can expect to receive your order as per the shipping times below (in business days):


      Country or Region

      Standard shipping


      United States 7-15 days 3-7 days
      Canada 10-15 days 3-7 days
      Australia 10-15 days 3-7 days
      UK 7-15 days 3-7 days
      Europe 10-20 days 5-10 days


      ✅ We will ship your order via FedEx if you choose expedited shipping at checkout (available for certain countries). Expedited shipping takes 3-7 business days (after production), depending on your country.

      🔥 Our custom kits are quite popular, and we get very busy during peak season (November-December). If you are planning to get a gift, we encourage you to order well in advance to avoid delays!

      What's the difference between 24, 36 and 48 colors?

      We will use our software to select a color palette that matches your photo during the design process. The more colors we choose, the greater detail and accuracy we can get.

      ➡️ 24 colors are ideal for simple pictures such as objects and kids' illustrations.
      ➡️ 36 colors are suitable for simple portraits (one person) and pets.
      ➡️ 48 colors offer the best detail and accuracy for any complex image. If you don't care about spending a bit more, this is the best you can get.


        Paint your own masterpiece and immortalize your favorite picture. Not only will you enjoy bringing your image to life, but you'll also have a real artistic canvas that you'll be proud to show off to friends and family. If you think painting can be intimidating, give our custom paint by numbers a chance. We promise we'll change your mind!


        Whether you plan to gift a finished painting or give a personalized paint by numbers kit to a creative loved one, you're sure to hit the nail on the head for the occasion. There's nothing more special and rewarding than something in which you invest your time, effort, and passion.


        A beautiful wedding photo, a family picture, a portrait of a beloved pet, or a landscape from a cherished vacation spot all make excellent subject matter for paint by numbers. Your gift will show just how much thought and effort you put into making an occasion something special to be remembered.

      • Canvas by Numbers rewards program paint by numbers


        We have been doing this for a while now and have thousands of happy customers. Leave your picture in our professional hands, and we'll ensure you get the masterpiece of your dreams. All you need is to follow our photo recommendations or reach out in advance if you have questions.

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