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An Austrian symbolist painter, Gustav Klimt produced stunning artworks that celebrated both nature and the female form. He was a famous painter commissioned by the social elite in Vienna to produce paintings, sketches, and drawings for galleries around the country. As one of the most prominent members of the Vienna Secession movement, he became world famous with paintings like The Kiss, Portrait of Mrs. Adele Bloch-Bauer, and Sunflower. Find your own artistic genius when you explore our collection of Klimt paint by numbers to paint in his style. Browse our collections to receive a canvas ready for painting today!

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Our Gustav Klimt Selection

Our Gustav Klimt paint by numbers selection is a celebration of a great artist and includes several of his most notable works. We’ve balanced our selections with his work in nature, as well as pieces that portray beautiful portraits of women, couples, and families. You’ll see that his portraits are intricate works featuring bright yellow and gold hues, while his nature scapes offer a calmer perspective in blues and greens. So which color scheme and theme of Klimt paint by numbers will fit best into your home decor?

What You Get

Once you choose one of our Gustav Klimt paint by numbers, you can expect to receive everything you need to carry you from start to finish. You’ll get a canvas with the outlines of the illustration, with each space numbered for the appropriate color. Our kits also include all the paints you need, as well as brushes in the best sizes for the painting. We recommend adding a frame to your cart to ensure proper display once you finish your painting. Don’t forget to shop for essential painting accessories, like easels, gloves, brush cases, and more, in our store!