Gustav Klimt

The Kiss - Gustav Klimt
from $25.99 $49.99
Lady with Fan - Gustav Klimt
from $25.99 $49.99
Garden Path with Hens - Gustav Klimt
from $25.99 $49.99
Cassone Church - Gustav Klimt
from $25.99 $49.99
Sunflower Park - Gustav Klimt
from $25.99 $49.99
Mother and Child - Gustav Klimt
from $25.99 $49.99
Sunflower -Gustav Klimt
from $25.99 $49.99
Baby (Cradle) - Gustav Klimt
from $25.99 $49.99
[USA Stock] The Kiss - Gustav Klimt
$25.99 $49.99

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774 reviews
Time consuming but worth it!

It looked as described. I'm very happy with the result!

Colibries - Ernst Haeckel

Extremely happy with how it turned out. Great quality canvas and paint.
A very detailed piece which took a while to complete. Really love the vintage look of this piece.
I did notice however that the some of the colours of my piece of work differ somewhat to the colours of other pieces uploaded on the review page.

Van Gogh Yellow Cafe

Fun to work on during the pandemic. Van Gogh is not for beginners. I found the small spaces and numbers difficult to see. But I enjoyed watching the work progress. Colors are lovely.

Lighted magnifying glass

Love it. Soooo helpful!!!

verf en nummers klopten niet

slechte beoordeling. Niet helder of stipje 1 goed of juist niet goed is.Heel jammer dat de kleuren niet overeen kwamen met de nummers. Het lijkt een soort negatief te zijn van de afdruk.Ik ben het nu zelf helemaal aan het bekijken.Jammer!