Paint By Numbers Sets

At Canvas by Numbers, we have so many paint by numbers sets that it can be difficult to choose just one to get you started. However, we want you to discover artists that really inspire and ignite your passion for painting, so we’ve broken up our inventory into a number of canvas collections for you to explore. Check out all our paint by numbers canvas kits here to find the themes, artists, and topics you enjoy most.

Explore By Artist

Everyone knows about Vincent Van Gogh or Gustav Klimt! If you want to create your own replica of one of their most famous paintings, we make it possible! Explore our paint by numbers sets by artist to discover some of the world’s most renowned painters, including:

You may also find canvases from less famous, modern artists who are just now developing their style and finding their voice. Every paint by numbers canvas kit from these artists is licensed and approved for sale!

Explore By Theme

Whether you love plants and flowers or birds, cats, and dogs, we have thematic paint by numbers sets for every preference. As you explore our collections, you’ll find everything from religious paintings to cityscapes and fantasy animals! Some of our top categories include:

Explore Custom Kits

The final option in our paint by numbers kits is our custom design kits. These are paintings designed based on the photos you send us! Make your life into a work of art when you send pictures of your pets, family, and favorite memories to be transformed into a custom paint by numbers design. If any of these collections sound like a good place to start, it’s time to shop! Find your favorite pieces and discover a great way to relieve stress, decorate your home, and develop a new skill.