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Recreate the elegant beauty of Monet's art with our Monet paint by numbers collection. Imagine yourself strolling along the French countryside or enjoying a sunrise over the shore. That is where you will be transported when you create paintings like Woman with Umbrella or The Artist's Garden at Giverny. At Canvas by Numbers, we give you the tools to capture the essence of Monet's art. Create an ethereal painting to proudly display in your home with a Monet paint by numbers kit.

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Easy Monet Paintings to Celebrate His Best Work

Claude Monet was a 19th-century French painter who was considered the father of impressionism. Impressionism was born as an attempt to record the feeling, mood, and color of a scene, rather than an exact reproduction. His works are considered masterpieces and are found in museums all around the world today.

Discover your favorite Monet paintings like ‘Water Lilies’ and ‘Poppy Field’ in accessible, easy-to-paint Monet paint by numbers kits. Unwind and take a moment of self care with Monet’s soft, pastel color palettes and create a beautiful piece inspired by one of art’s greatest masters.

Each of our Monet paint by numbers includes a high-quality, incredibly detailed canvas, gorgeous pre-mixed colors, and an optional frame to make recreating your favorite Monet classic, simple and easy. Shop our collection of easy Monet paintings, and explore other famous artists’ paint by numbers sets

The Joy of Painting with Canvas by Numbers

Painting is an amazing activity for relaxing, winding down, and entering a creative state. At Canvas by Numbers, we believe that this activity should be accessible to all—regardless of age, skill, or formal training. Our easy Monet paintings, custom paint by numbers kits, and collection of best-selling paint by numbers are all designed to let you unwind and appreciate the magic of painting. Release your inner artist and enjoy fast, free shipping when you shop now.