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Creating your own work of art is easy with our collection of the best paint by number kits. Choose from a variety of abstract paintings and animal pieces, or even create your own paint by number with our custom paint by numbers kit! Whatever artist adventure you choose to embark on, our best paint by numbers kits feature detailed 16 x 20” canvases, up to 28 gorgeous pre-mixed colors, and everything else you might need to create a beautiful work of art. Discover the meditative magic of painting today and get started now with our paint by numbers best-sellers.

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Our Top Paint by Numbers Kits

Did you know that creating beautiful works of art through painting boosts your mood, channels positive emotions, and even encourages a more optimistic approach to life? Regardless of skill or experience, our paint by numbers best-sellers are designed to bring the tranquil magic of painting home to any creative enthusiast. 

Painting is a relaxing hobby for anyone who wants to expand their creativity. The best paint by number are set apart from the rest with high-quality, detailed canvases that come pre-rolled with no ironing necessary, straight to your doorstep. Create something beautiful today!

About Canvas by Numbers

At Canvas by Numbers, we believe that the joy of painting should be accessible to everyone! That’s why we’ve created a diverse selection of our best paint by numbers to foster your creativity and introduce you to the meditative state of painting that we’ve come to know and love. Discover new favorites from classic and modern artists alike, and shop our full selection of paint by numbers with fast, free shipping today.