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[USA Stock] Cassone Church - Gustav Klimt
James Spellicy (San Francisco, US)

[USA Stock] Cassone Church - Gustav Klimt

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit
Jodi Bailey (Greensboro, US)
Great quality

I love my canvas by number, and I can’t wait for my next one to come!


Beautiful design, good quality and a pleasure to paint


I have painted products from several paint-by-number companies and these are the best, great quality indeed (even the brushes)

Jesus Crucified
Heather Kaiser (Anna, US)
Goo product

Nice canvas no problems

[USA Stock] Hummingbirds - Ernst Haeckel
Iris Van Der Heijden (Utrecht, NL)
Lovely painting!!

Now it's finalised I can say that I very much enjoyed the painting. Great colors (reds a bit transparent but workable) good canvas and sufficient details. Can absolutely recommend!

Taj Mahal
Michelle Chan (Central, HK)
Beautiful painting!

This painting is so beautiful. My boyfriend and I had so much fun painting this and we were very pleased on how pretty it turned out.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit
Rhian Dear (Dover, GB)
Exactly what I wanted 👌

I absolutely love my paint by numbers kit, it's exactly what I was after; good quality canvas, easy to read sections, the large number of paint shades affords the image a really high quality outcome 💜 super pleased 😀

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit
Erin Katz (Reseda, US)
Best Custom Kit By Far!

I’ve used 4 different companies and this is the best quality canvas, paints, and clearest numbering. I had the best time making this and am ordering a second right now!

Death Followed us Home - Dan Nance
I have loved all canvases by you

I did this one prior to my "Whispers By the Sea". This painting was very humbling for me. At times I had to stop because I was crying knowing the meaning being this event. My son is a wounded warrior and I know it is only by the grace of God it could have been him.

Purgatory Cliff - William Richards
Wendy (Melbourne, AU)
Winter seas

Loving painting this canvas, watching the seas come together. Only part way though but enjoying the journey.

Love anemones

Looking forward to spending TiMe WiTH thiS

[USA Stock] Roar of the Surf
Diego Gal (Anaheim, US)
Came out great

This is my 3rd canvas from this company. So far every one has been quality. This one had by far the most detail, and it came out great.

Extra 10 Pcs High Quality Paint Brushes
Rebecca Cederquist (Surprise, US)
Better brushes

These brushes are better and much more versatile than the brushes that come in the kits. The handles are smooth, too, so easier to hold for a long period of time. The fine brush is great for the tiny areas of the painting and you can cover the larger areas quickly using one of the larger ones. It's nice to have lots of choices. I had to trim one of the brushes to change the angle to work better for me, but other than that, these are great.


I had fun painting this and the finished product imparts a peaceful feeling. Had a bit if an issue with bleed through but that happens sometimes.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit
Stella Loizou (New York, US)
The Best!!!

The best canvas by number store out there! The colors and canvas were high quality and the customer service was excellent. Would highly recommend!

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit
Dianne (Mechanicsburg, US)
Great gift for my dad

My dad is an expert at paint by numbers; he's painted dozens of them. But the subject matter was usually a nonspecific location or such. He liked a painting that I had of the Hattiesburg PA riverboat called the Pride of the Susquehanna.
I was really happy to find a place that could convert a picture to a painting. Some of the other colors that were selected were not what I would have chosen. The riverboat is mostly red and white, but the kit had a fushia color as well. There was also greyish church dome that was using the same color as the sky. My dad was able to correct these to his (,and my) liking. It would be nice if the customer could preview the color selection before the kit is completed.
All in all, we're pretty happy with the results.

Sea Whispers - Richard Macneil
Jane Nordaker (Papillion, US)
Beautiful and detailed

I love the colors and intricate details. I am giving this one as a present and have also ordered another for myself. My only negative would be that the colors are transparent and need to be repainted several times.

The Woman Infinity - Boyan Dimitrov
Sandi G (Sanford, US)
Loved doing this one!

Such a colorful and pleasurable PBN to do! I truly enjoyed every brushstroke! This company wraps the canvas in a tube... no wrinkles! The paints are easy to work with also.

[USA Stock] La Porta Rossa sulla Salita - Guido Borelli
Donna Cunningham (Beverly Hills, US)

Beautiful painting!
Best paint by number painting to date.
Relaxing and fulfilling!!

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit
Ion Tomița (Droichead Nua, IE)

Love it

Hopefully this is the expectation

I was very disappointed with this, for a number of reasons; however, I'm hoping this was the expectation and not the rule. First, I paid to have the canvas per-stretched, but, as you can see in the photos, the frame isn't even big enough for the canvas. Second, of the 4 paint brushes, two were bent, one had a strange tail, and the last gave me a splinter. Third, not all of the paint pots had a number on them and some only had part of a number. And there was stickers for the first pot of each number but not the second. Again, I was very disappointed, even though the canvas itself seems good enough quality.

Hello, Dia and thanks a lot for your review! I'm very sorry to see that. This is not the usual quality we provide. We should have noticed that before shipping the kit. Apologies for the inconvenience caused! The support team has already been in touch with you to give you a solution and we are confident that despite all, you'll end up a happy customer.

Frank | Canvas by Numbers |

Stranded Boats - Joaquín Sorolla
Parvaneh Maleki (Enfield, GB)
Two boats

This one took longer as it is detailed however it is worthy

The Great Wave - Katsushika Hokusai
Patrick G

I really love the Japanese woodcut prints and this has always been one of my favorites. It turned out beautifully and is hanging in my computer room where I can enjoy it all the time.

Loads of Fun!

Thoroughly enjoyed doing this piece. Appreciate the quality & professionalism of your products and service. Can't wait to do my next one!