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Leaping fish or rabbit

The original hung over my desk in the museum. It was a delight to paint it. Great colors and fascinating artist. First time I realized it was a rabbit not a fish!

Great print and great customer service

I had a great time filling in this painting and I think it looks great! Plus there was great customer service- originally I was sent a rolled canvas while i had ordered a pre-stretched canvas. The customer service agent quickly sent a replacement with all new brushes and paints as well.


My granddaughter wanted to give her mother a special Christmas present since they had just lost their dog of 15 years. She got her favorite photo and we sent it off. Even during the Christas rush we received it in time for my granddaughter to paint it. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful and so lifelike. I could have never imagined that it would turn out so perfectly. And of course my granddaughter did a beautiful job painting it. Well, on Chrismtas morning the tears flowed. This turned out to be so much better than I expected. I am planning on having my other granddaughter do one of their 15 year old dog that also passed away this past year.

Love it!

This is such a cool idea. I received this as a Christmas present. I wish the paint colors were already labeled with the stickers, but this is just a minor complaint. Everything else came as advertised. Can't wait to see the end results, but so far so good.

Autumn of memories

Loved it!!!! Once started I couldnt stop!!!

Easy and beautiful

This was very detailed (and therefore may be considered advanced) but easy to follow considering. Colors were great. Really enjoyed the time to do this. Looking forward to more!


Pic turned out great! I'll def be buying another one!
It is not possible to upload a pic! Seems like a scam the 30% off if you upload a pic

Prague scenery

Bought as a christmas gift, it was very much appreciated will look to purchase more from your website soon.


Great work, fun to do. Perfect delivery. thanks

Not perfect, but fun

Overall, I’m enjoying finishing my painting. The brushes that come with it are crappy, but that’s hardly a surprise. It’s a little overwhelming at first with how many tiny details it throws in, but it winds up looking really cool. There are a LOT of spaces that weren’t labeled with any number though, and you just have to guess at what color makes the most sense. Which wouldn’t be too bad if it were just little detail spaces, but it’s also really large, important spaces and that’s super frustrating honestly. But it really does turn out super cool regardless, and it’s a lot of fun to do to wind down after work.

So fun

Bought one as a gift and one for me. My mom and I enjoyed really enjoyed the whole process and we were stunned by the outcome!

Completing a set

This makes a really nice complement to Thorntons Limodoron. It reminds me of my childhood when my dad was station in Hawaii where Pirds of Paradise are ubiquitous.

Very Cute and Easy to Follow

Bought this for my 14 year old sister and she is loving it. When she first saw it she thought it was going to be very difficult but she’s taking it section by section and is actually very easy to follow. Lost two starts because she is not even half way done and is already complaining about the brushes falling apart/ running out of some colors even thought she’s only usuing what she needs.

Astral Deer
Everything as expected

All the materials came as expected and the painting is beautiful!

A very nice gift

I bought this for my father as a Christmas present and he loved it. Good quality, good result and the colours are as described

Great painting

Almost done and loving how this turned out. Some of the areas to paint are very tiny but it made a fun challenge. Plenty of paint, I did two layers on most colors.


This paint by numbers was great! It was the first time I chose the pre-stretched canvas and it really makes a difference.

It is great hobby!

First of all, I’ve ordered paint by number from many other websites, but Canvas by number has the best materials!

Second, it is such a time killer! I am enjoying it so much and can’t wait to finish. Such a great hobby to have especially during this hard time.


This came out beautifully! But it needed a lot of post production work. I highly recommend watching the Melanie B Studio videos on YouTube. After I painted in all the numbers I let it dry and then went back to make all the birds look like the picture from the website. It took two and a half hours per bird to make them look like the picture. I should have used the original Haeckel picture instead. Still the finished product is beautiful. If I had not been an art minor in college this should not have been my first ever paint by numbers.
I had more than enough paint for everything and the paint was is very good condition—I hardly ever used LiquiFlow. I should have also gessoed the canvas twice before painting.

Coffee Shop
Gorgeous and Great Fun !

This was a wonderful project. Great Quality and beautiful image.

Broken Frame

We are super happy with the customer service from Canvas..we ordered a custom paint by number for a Christmas present but it arrived with a broken Frame. Canvas offered to replace it and ship us a new one with no fuss

Very life-like!

Great picture - detailed and looks like a photograph from afar.

Really fun, great colors

This is a unique, rich, pbn that doesn’t look like a pbn. Nice sized spaces - not really tiny and intricate but not so big there’s no puzzle to it

The only gift that made my son smile

I bought this for my adult son because paint by numbers has really lower my stress level so I thought it would help him. And I must he really like the ship and is very excited to get started on it. As soon as it's finished I'll add a picture. I love doing this and everyone should get it a try.

Amazing purchase

I dealt with Frank before ordering and my photo. Canvas by numbers is the only paint by numbers company that would allow me to paint a nude photo of womans breasts. He was very professional and thorough and I thought his customer service was exceptional. I wasn't sure how good the photo turned out, but man I'm impressed. It looks SO good. Some of the lines are super fine though so next time I would get the detailed brushes you guys sell. I found I painted over some of the lines and it was hard to see what lines were which number. Featured brushes would solve that issue though. Not done photo but I wanted to send this review in in case anyone is on the fence. It's going to look even better when it's done and framed =D

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