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San Francisco

Good morning
I just wanted to thank your company for my order. Not only does it look exactly what I ordered, everything was included.
I have bought from another company and was totally disappointed with their product as the finished product looked
nothing like what was advertised.
Once I have finished I will post a photo
Thank you again
Will pass on your name to my friends.
Jacqui stannard

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Wolves in the snow

I love the fact that I can pick from a number of sizes on the canvas, as it suits the place where I want to hang the product better.

I am still busy with the canvas but include a picture of the half-completed product anyway.

Your quality of canvas and paint is very good and I like the fact that I do not have to mix the colours myself.

I have done some pictures by other suppliers where mixing colours was required and I did not like the idea that my final result deviated from the original picture.

Your support services are also the bes around.

Cherry Blossom River

I bought this as a gift for my sister. I prefer Canvas by Number above the other suppliers because of your excellent quality of your products and you support service. It really is tops.

Great kit

I choose "Canvas by Numbers" to give away a custom paint by numbers kit with a family pic and the result was amazing. The paint is not yet finished but it is already possible to appreciate the quality of all materials. Moreover, I had problems with postal service and support from Canvas by Numbers was amazing!!!
I'm very satisfied and reccomend this site!

A Fisherman’s Soul

Enjoyed the painting very much. Was a little in awe when first looked at it but once got into it was good. Would recommend it.

pdf help

I bought this product for my wife and we are more than pleased with it .Infact we have friends who are interested I note that other customers have asked for a PDF of the photo so that thephoto could be enlarged to see the numbers this would be very helpfull

Can’t wait to complete this one!

I’m obsessed with seascapes, sailboats and sunsets, so of course I had to order this one. I will be uploading a YouTube video soon on my first impressions of the three CBN I ordered most recently. ❤️

Have been very pleased!

I’ve purchased several PBNs from Canvas by Numbers, and I have always been impressed. I’ll be back for more!


gAve to my son for Christmas. He loved it

Great Gift & Customer Service

My mother-in-law loves paint-by-number, so when I found out about this custom kit I knew we had to gift her one for Christmas, a painting of her dogs. She absolutely loved it!! She's working on it right now and found some of the numbers were very small, so I sent a quick email to the company and Frank wrote back within hours and enthusiastically said it would be no problem to send a high-res JPG of the paint guide that she could zoom in on. Such great customer service! Would highly recommend this company and this product!


The canvas was easy and fun to paint. I bought 2 of them and I am happy with the results.

A great hobby!

A very fun project, I will definitely be ordering more custom kits again! The paint is very good quality, I did have some issues with the paint brushes given so I used other ones that I own.I posted the finished piece and a lot of my friends and family are planning on ordering kids as well!


I purchased a custom made canvas for a friend of her beloved dog and she adored it. Easy to use website, good quality and fast delivery service. Thank you

So difficult but finally got there!

This is a lovely painting, but it is not for beginners, or those with limited vision. It took a lot of patience and time and sometimes the numbers were very small and difficult to see. At the end, it felt like an achievement and painting was really relaxing, but I would start with something else if this is your first time. Some of my family members picked much easier ones and got finished much more quickly. I do really enjoy these and find them therapeutic. On my second one (much easier) and will probably do more.

Again I am pleased!

I have been very happy with my purchases from Canvas By Numbers. I’ve even done a unsolicited YouTube review on my first purchase.

Very good

All was ok.

The Boss
Simply great

It was so easy and perfect.


Gave this to a friend for her birthday. It was a photo of her dachshund. She LOVED it! Has been telling her friends all about it!

Not finished yet

I am enjoying this painting. Numbers are easy to find. Paint is good. I don't like the brushes though. Canvas is a bit to smooth and it's hard to cover the numbers as paint slides around. The artist did a great job on creating this easy to paint canvas.


We were very happy with our paint by number. My granddaughter is very excited to get started. It is very realistic. I didn't pay attention to the timing so we received it a few days late but totally worth it!

Turned out beautiful

I gave this as a gift to my work place and they were all very impressed. I will be doing more in order to improve my brush control.



This painting was a hard find until a family member looked it up. So happy he did, because it was not hard to paint and was fun too.

I just finished the first one as I got two. I think it's beautiful and can't wait to give it to my Dad for Christmas. If you are planning it as a present give yourself a couple months, as it takes awhile to get to the States. Worth it. First picture is the photo I sent.

Best customer service

I was going to return an item and instead of me returning the item and paying for shipping they just refunded me my money and let me keep the gift. I thought that was very sweet of them to do and they write me back right away.

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