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Good Quality

Good quality product and quick shipment. I would purchase again.

Great print on canvad

I was pleasantly surprised how nice the canvas and the whole kit was. I have yet to complete it yet but looking forward to seeing it completed

Extra Paint Set
Danielle Lantzy (Broomfield, US)
Extra paint

There is no need for the extra paint set. I didn’t use up any of the first set.

[USA Stock] Primrose - Alphonse Mucha
Holly Mulic (Lakewood, US)
Primrose Painting—Gorgeous & Detailed

I just finished this one and really loved the colors that I got to work with. It is super detailed so I recommend some really fine-tipped/small brushes. It’ll take some time but it’s worth it! Excited to give this to my friend as a gift!

Debra Sherman (Greenville, US)
My favorite by far.

This painting is majestic when finished. I started Sept 16th and worked on it everyday. It does have many tiny cells but I believe that is what makes it so beautiful. I just love it.

[USA Stock] Primrose - Alphonse Mucha
Carol Lafollette-Walker (Rolla, US)
Primrose Perfect

Thank you for the chance to paint this beautiful Alphonse Mucha painting!
The kit was shipped soon after my order, I wish all your paint by number kits shipped in the USA, but it gave me time to paint Primrose while I waited on the rest to arrive.
The kits all came carefully packaged and were easy to paint.
Thank you again, and I WILL be back for more!

Feather - Alphonse Mucha
Carol Lafollette-Walker (Rolla, US)
Love it!

everything about this beautiful painting thrilled me. The kit was shipped with care, the paints were easy to use, the print on the canvas easy to read. It truly was a joy to paint.I have yet to frame it....well....I actually have 4 to frame!
I enjoy the painting part so much I kind of wait to frame them until I have a few done.I have ordered all available AlphonseMucha paint by numbers I could find online now I have to find places to hang them all!

New to faces

This was very detailed but fun to do. I had never done a face before and was a little nervous about it but I think it came out great. Great quality product!

[USA Stock] Hummingbirds - Ernst Haeckel
Teresa Thompson (Canyon Lake, US)

[USA Stock] Hummingbirds - Ernst Haeckel

Roses in a Glass Vase - Miriam and Ira D. Wallach
Janice McIntyre (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Beautiful picture

Great company to do business with. Great customer service. Hadn't finished this one yet, so no pic.

Artist Glove
Janice McIntyre (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Very helpful

Sometimes when the paint is still tacky this Glove will make sure you don't smear your paint.

[USA Stock] Venice Canals - Vinsor Tan
Nancy Darden (Colorado Springs, US)
Venice Canals

I loved the vivid colors in this picture. Sometimes the darker colors are a little thin and I had to go back over them, but I loved the final picture!

Great brushes!!

These are great brushes. Natural and last. Much better than the art store purchases!’

[USA Stock] The River - Natalia Zagorii
Laura Christopher (Minneapolis, US)
Super fun!

This has been fun!! The only thing I would change is that I can’t find what color they intended for the outlines or the lines between everything? Obviously one of the grays…but which one?!?

[USA Stock] Blue Essence - Megan Duncanson
Janice McIntyre (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Great fun

Loved doing this one, with it's design and vivid colors. Great one for beginners. Great company to do business with.

Tapestry - William Morris
William Anderson (Hilliard, US)
William Morris Tapestry

Beautiful colors and detail.

[USA Stock] Surprise Paint by Numbers Kit
Kristina Stensvik (Gothenburg, SE)
Fun to paint!

Lovely smooth paint and the quality is excellent.

Loved this one

These hummingbirds were a delight to paint. The colors are vibrant the picture is detailed. So far, I’ve been very pleased with the quality of the paint by number kits.

[USA Stock] Birds and Red Fruits
Victoria Tino (Portland, US)
Great fun...

The canvas was good quality, and everything turned out like I hoped.

The Banks of the Oise - Henri Rousseau
Fine arts (Evanston, US)
Delightful landscape

This was a great one to paint!!

Butternut Squash Summer Blooms

I sent in a photograph from my garden. Just completed the painting. The detail and color rendering is amazing. This is my seventh custom painting.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit
Shannon (Alexandria, US)
My favorite way to document memories

This has become my favorite new project. I have one in most rooms and I have ordered more for Christmas presents!

My favorite way to document memories

This has become my favorite new project. I have one in most rooms and I have ordered more for Christmas presents!

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit
Dawson Babcock (Whitewater, US)

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit - Paint Your Pet
Dawson Babcock (Janesville, US)

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit