Paint by Numbers Tips - Paint by Numbers Tips

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Hello, future artist!

We created this step-by-step guide that will allow you to paint by numbers like you were born for it :-)

Paint by numbers canvases have small numbers indicating a corresponding color for a particular area. With this, the user can quickly figure out which colors go well together. You don’t even need to be a Fine Arts graduate to paint a masterpiece that can sit right next to Leonardo Da Vinci’s artworks.

As the saying goes, "One Look Is Worth A Thousand Words."

Awesome, right?

Now you know why is it called painting by numbers, don't you! Assuming you have your painting kit already, let's get started! 

If you didn't purchase one yet, we would suggest having a look at our best sellers collection, or you can even create your own painting kit!


This seems like an obvious step but when you’re painting the numbers matching to the correct colors, try and only paint areas with that color before moving on to the next part of the painting. It is more efficient than mixing, however, the key is to have fun - so do as you wish, really!

Let those areas dry before moving on to another color. Clean your brushes with the water in between, enough that no color runs onto a cloth or paper towel once washed. This will prevent any colors mixing or bleeding into each other. You may need to use a very mild soap with lukewarm water.


It may take an extra layer of paint to cover the numbers completely - this is totally normal with light colors. Just be careful and take your time so you don’t end up using too much paint. The number should be totally covered as in the picture above.

Another painting tip for your DIY Canvas, is to start at the top and work your way down if you can, working on the smallest areas first, as this will help prevent smudging the paint with your hand!


If you purchased a frame, then it's time to frame your masterpiece. Remember, your painting needs to be completely dry before this step. We recommend letting the canvas dry 24 hours before mounting it.

Watch the video below to see the framing process. You can use staplers if you want or just the regular pins provided with the kit. Both will do the job just fine!

That's It!

 We really hope this short article was helpful so you can dive into painting by numbers full of confidence :-)

Remember that everyone can paint by numbers. As a matter of fact, when they were commercialized for the first time back in 1951, they used as a slogan "every man a Rembrandt".