Collection: William Morris

While William Morris may have gotten his start in textiles, his paintings are just as highly praised as his fabric creations. William Morris art prints feature dizzying patterns with a focus on flowers and leaves in bright hues. His kaleidoscopic work is just as stunning on canvas as on fabric! If you’ve fallen in love with Morris’s work, you need a William Morris paint by numbers that you can paint yourself and hang in your home. Participate in a collaboration with the artist when you shop the beautiful selection of paint by numbers from the William Morris collection at Canvas by Numbers!

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In the Mind of the Artist

Many of us art lovers want to place ourselves in the mind of the artist to feel what they felt when they painted their most beautiful creations. If William Morris art prints are an inspiration for you, take this opportunity to step into his shoes and recreate his most famous works of art. Discover golden lilies, roses, chrysanthemums, and so much more in our Morris paint by numbers collection.

Painting with Canvas by Numbers

You don’t need to be an artist to create an amazing painting. With a little help from the Canvas by Numbers team, you’ll be painting a William Morris art print like a pro in no time! When you order your William Morris print from us, you receive the printed canvas that outlines the illustration and directs your brush with the right colors. You also get paints and brushes specifically suited to this painting. So shop now to add a William Morris piece to your home decor.