Once dispatched, you can expect to receive your products within the following time frames:

USA: Between 8 - 20 days average 

Canada: Between 12 - 20 days average

Europe: Between 12 - 30 days average

Australia: Between 12 - 20 days average

All Others: Between 20 - 60 days average

Factors such as bottlenecks in shipping and delays at customs may impact delivery time. During peak season (Christmas), please make sure to order well in advanced so you can receive your order on time. Additionally, fulfilment may be slightly delayed due to the number of orders received.

Yes, we do. And for free!

Bear in mind that certain countries present a risk of delay or even packet lost due to their economic or political situation, or lack of a developed logistics network (some countries in Latin America, Africa and similar). 

In these cases, your order may take up to 60 days to get to you due to reason totally out of our control. We appreciate your patience.

All our paint by numbers kits are manufactured and shipped from our two factories in China, based in Shanghai and Fuzhou. We have many years of experience in the manufacturing process, so all our products have 60 days money-back guarantee. China manufacturing does not necessarily mean bad quality! All shipments are insured and guaranteed until they are delivered to your doorstep.

We currently provide free shipping and standard shipping.

- Free shipping is always free no matter how big your order is :-) It usually takes 10-20 days depending on customs. On some occasions, it may take a bit longer (peak season or if the package is stopped for inspection, which is quite rare). Once the parcel is in the US, it is transferred to USPS that will handle the delivery.

-Standard shipping uses a unique China-US line that is already cleared for our products; therefore, no custom retentions will happen. Packages are directly sent to the FedEx hub in Los Angeles, and from there, parcels will move within the FedEx network until reaching their destination. For the East Coast, expect delivery in around 12-15 days from dispatch. For the West Coast, 7-10 days is usually enough.
FedEx is also known for offering an excellent and professional service when handling deliveries. You can also arrange redelivery to a different address if you missed the delivery and many other features.

All our items are shipped from our partner warehouses in China. Packages usually arrive at your doorstep between 8-30 days depending on your country. In extremely rare cases, it may take a bit longer. Factors such as bottlenecks in shipping and delays at customs may impact delivery time. 

You can track your order here by simply entering your tracking number into the box. You will receive your tracking number in the shipping confirmation email.

items need to travel from China to your destination country, and therefore the will be a bit of travelling time and customs paperwork involved.You will see two main tracking updates:

Origin Post is Preparing Shipment:  you will see this once your items are being handled by the Chinese courier and shipped internationally. Your items are on they way to your country's customs office. Usually, this tracking status will be the same for 5-15 days. Don't worry about it. It will update eventually. If you see no update in 20 days, please contact us

Processed Through Facility:  this is the next update you'll see. Your items have now arrived at your country's international hub. If you are in the US, this means that USPS will be handling the delivery from here. In Canada, this would be Canada Post and so on.  You can track your order using our track your order page.

Instead of using ePacket as other shops, we use a special direct line from our factory in China to the US through an agreement with USPS (only for US orders). This will reduce the shipping times considerably and keep your order fully insured.

You can expect to receive your package(s) through your local carrier (USPS if you are located in the US) once it goes through customs. Times will vary depending on multiple factors, including seasonality, backlog, and the speed of your local carrier.

If you are based in Canada, then Canada Post will deliver your order. Royal Mail for the UK and so on. 

Yes, it is safe.  People receiving packages are not at risk of contracting the new coronavirus. From experience with other coronaviruses, we know that these types of viruses don’t survive long on objects, such as letters or packages.

Returns and Refunds

If you wish to cancel your order, please do so in the next 24 hours after payment. You can email us at with the subject CANCEL ORDER and your order number. We usually fulfill orders in 1-5 days, depending on stock and demand. If you request your order cancellation after 24 hours, we may have shipped your items already. 

In that case, you would need to wait to receive them, ship them back, or reject the delivery. Once we receive the items, we will issue a refund within 24 hours. 

For custom kits, we will need 7 days to produce the kit. We kindly ask to cancel your order in the next 24 hours after payment. If we have already started production, it won't be possible to cancel it since the time and resources are already being used. 

At Canvas by Numbers we care about your shopping experience. All our items have a 60 days money-back guarantee.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, get in touch at We'll solve the issue in no time.

Please note, custom kits cannot be refunded or exchanged unless they are defective or different from what your ordered (wrong size, for example)! These are custom-made for you and cannot be resold.

Nothing to worry about. We'll handle it. Send us a clear photo of the defect to our support email at or our Contact Us page. Please include the following in your message:

➤The order number included in your order confirmation email (i.e. #1234)

➤The email address used to place the order

➤The FULL name and address of the purchaser

➤Your purchase date

*Indicate clearly what's wrong with the item or item(s). Items will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, after which a replacement will be sent or a full (100%) refund will be extended for orders of which the buyer is not at fault. 

Please get in touch through our contact page or sends us an email at We will try our absolute best to make you a happy customer.

As always, please include the following information in your message:

➤The order number included in your order confirmation email (i.e. #1234)
➤The email address used to place the order
➤The FULL name and address of the purchaser
➤A picture of the issue if necessary

Product Questions

All our Canvas by Numbers painting kits include the following:

➤ Pre-printed numbered 100% finely woven linen canvas.
➤ Numbered acrylic-based paint set. No mix required, non-toxic and environmentally responsible. Safe for kids and pregnancy. 

➤ Set of 3x standard paint brushes (1x small, 1x medium, 1x large).

➤ Hanging kit, including 2x screws and 2x non-track hooks.

You can buy your Paint By Numbers without a frame, or DIY Frame (easy installation within minutes) and Pre-stretched on Frame (frame already mounted) if available

This is a very common complaint that we've seen on other paint by numbers websites. 

At Canvas by Numbers, we use pigment-rich acrylics to ensure better coverage. Additionally, our canvases numbers are printed grey, not black, so it's easier to cover lines and numbers.

Yes. Our acrylics are water-based and therefore safe for kids and pregnancy.

First of all, note that there will always be a small difference because what you see on the website are digital colors and what you receive are real acrylic paints.

Second, some of our products display the original photo before converting it into a PBN kit. When purchasing a PBN, have a look at the image (you can even zoom in). The paint by numbers effect is easy to notice. If that particular product shows already a paint by numbers photo, you can expect the result to be very similar.

If the PBN kit you want to purchase shows the original photo, we will send you the paint by numbers conversion of that photo. This means that the kit you receive will have some differences due to the digital sample vs. paint by number rendering.

We try to keep our catalog up to date, but since we have more than 500 kits, we use the original photo for some of them. Thanks for your understanding!

Our custom paint by numbers kits are trendy for a reason. They offer great results and high fidelity to the original photo in most cases if the picture provided follows 100% our guidelines. They are super fun to do and great as gifts! Your custom kit contains everything you need to complete your painting:

➤ Pre-printed numbered 100% finely woven linen canvas. Our canvases are colored vs. traditional black and white canvases sold by other stores. This makes the painting process more comfortable and avoids any frustration. Small details matter!
➤ Numbered acrylic-based paint set. High-pigment solution. No mixing required. - Non-toxic and environmentally responsible. Safe for kids and pregnancy.
➤ Set of 3x nylon paint brushes (1x small, 1x medium, 1x large).
➤ Hanging kit, including 2x screws and 2x non-track hooks.

Bear in mind the points below:

➤ Since you are painting a paint by numbers of a photo, the custom kit will look similar to the original picture but cannot be identical. That could be achieved with a canvas photo print - but then you don't get to paint it! The photo quality significantly impacts the result. Make sure you follow our recommendations for best results. It is your responsibility to submit a suitable picture. If you photo is low resolution, does not have neutral lights or has strong shadows/contrast, you need to understand that this will impact the result. When you request a sample from us, please don't take it as the final result but as a sketch. The level of detail achieved can vary depending on how complicated your photo is. Additionally, a 24x32'' canvas will fit more details than the smallest size 12x16''. Make sure that you read our recommendations for the best results on the custom kit product page. 

➤ In most cases, the colors will be spot on. On others, specific colors may look different. The RGB 32 bit spectrum contains more than 16 million colors. We are synthesizing this into 24 or 36 colors. Our software matches colors and does the conversion to obtain the best result. This means that sometimes, some colors will be similar to the original photo ones but not the same. Unless the photo is very simple, it is simply not possible to match the colors 100%. 

➤ If your photo is detailed, get a magnifying glass. Specially if you order a small canvas. Some tiny sections might be hard to see. That's why we recommend a 16x20" or larger for complex images.

➤ Complete your painting! When you get started, you may get the wrong impression that the custom kit does not resemble the photo or even that something is wrong. Some canvases require work to start seeing the big picture. Give it a try!

➤ Finally, make sure you submit a photo that fits the size purchased. For example, if you submit a rectangular photo but bought a square size, we will need to crop the image. We get tons of orders, and we cannot check each photo one by one to make sure it ticks all the boxes, so please, make sure you read the recommendations tab in the custom kits product page before placing your order, and email us to request a free sample should you have any doubts.

At Canvas by Numbers, we try to verify all PBN kits so we don't sell anything without authorization. However, if you notice that any of our PBN is not complying and we are not aware of it, please get in touch

We will work to resolve the situation as soon as possible.


We accept all common cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Maestro) plus Shopify Pay and wallets such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept checks or wire transfers.

Absolutely. We use SSL encryption for all data, and we are a PCI compliant company, meaning we fulfil all credit card industry requirements and best practices.

Furthermore, as payments are encrypted, we don't have access to your full card details even after a purchase.

First, make sure that you have entered your card details correctly and that you have enough to cover the transaction. If that's the case, there is another possibility. 

Our payments processor (Shopify Payments powered by Stripe) is set up to work worldwide. Some banks may block the transaction as they only allow nationwide purchases. We have no control over this. The best thing you can do is to contact your bank or use an alternative payment method such as PayPal.

How to Paint by Numbers

Everyone can paint by numbers and enjoy its benefits. If you're still wondering how it works, we've put a complete paint by numbers starting guide together that covers from the moment you open your kit until you finish it & frame it. Check it out and if you have any questions, get in touch!

We have a short article with a video included so you can see how it is done. To have a look click here.

Your paint by numbers canvas is a high-quality material. Just like clothing, canvases are made from cotton and linen, and they can be ironed. You need to be careful not to set the iron on a high heat though – keep it on a mid-range heat setting.

You can click here to watch a short video. 

Get in touch. We'd love to hear from you!

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We aim to reply all queries within 24 hours. Tickets received weekends may take us a little bit longer to respond. In the meantime, please have a look at our FAQ section!

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