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Do you love the Art Nouveau illustrations of the early 1900s? These theatrical prints are full of life and color for stunningly decorative artworks that people of the time used for advertisements, wall art, and posters for shows and events. One of the most famous painters of the time who specialized in this style was Alphonse Mucha, world-renowned for his imagery while living and working in Paris. Discover our Alphonse Mucha collection to complete your own painting in the Art Nouveau style and enjoy your very own Alphonse Mucha print at home!

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Our Alphonse Mucha Art Prints

The Alphonse Mucha paintings from Canvas by Numbers are based on a collaboration between you and the artist, with our product as the medium. When you order one of the Alphonse Mucha paint by numbers in our store, you’ll receive a canvas that’s printed with the outline of his design and numbered with the colors you need to apply to each space. In this way, you join the artist on his journey and create your own version of his beautiful designs.

We Provide Everything You Need

With our help, your Alphonse Mucha print will spring to life from the canvas. We provide you with all the materials you need to complete this painting, including the brushes and paints. Simply set up your space for comfort with an easel and good lighting, and work a little each day. Before you know it, your Alphonse Mucha art print will be complete, and you’ll be able to display it with pride.

If you have any questions about how our canvases work, explore our guides or reach out to our team to learn more today.