Collection: Human Figure Painting By Numbers

Human beings are one of the fascinating subjects to paint. With our detailed, easy-to-create paint by number kits, you can make a human figure painting masterpiece of your very own. In this collection, you’ll find masterworks by artistic greats, like Gustav Klimt and Alphonse Mucha, as well as new works by small artists who earn a commission on every set they sell. You’ll love to display your figured art in your home or office space. But if you can dare to part with it, our paint by numbers people kits make great gifts for loved ones, too!

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The Importance of Human Figure Art

Why do we paint people? Besides creating beautiful, modern works of art, human figure painting is also used to communicate the human experience. Our actions, and the emotions behind them, create fascinating subjects for anyone interested in an artistic practice. Our selection of paint by numbers people kits are meant to help you discover the meditative magic of figure painting in a stress-free setting. You won’t have to spend time getting supplies or sketching on your canvas. With our figured art paint by numbers kits, you can get right to the fun part!

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About Canvas by Numbers

At Canvas by Numbers, we believe that everyone should be able to express their creativity, regardless of age, experience, or ability. Our selection of beautiful paint by numbers kits contain everything you need to unleash your inner artist, using the best technology in the business to create high-quality art that you can transform into masterworks for your home. Learn more about us, or find our favorite tips and tricks for completing your paint by number today!