Collection: Flowers & Still Life

Our paint by numbers flower collection is huge! With famous pieces from Matisse, Morris, and Van Gogh alongside lesser-known artists like Boyan Dimitrov and Mikki Senkarik, you can access some of the most beloved and beautiful still-life paintings in history. Replicate these yourself through floral paint by numbers and discover the artist within with a little help from us. Start browsing the collection now to find a painting that speaks to you.

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Choosing a Floral Scene

If you’re not shopping for a specific paint by numbers flower or still life piece, you can start exploring your options with a selection of garden scenes, flower arrangements, wildflowers, and floral landscapes. We offer tons of painting styles, including realism, abstract pieces, Impressionism, textile-inspired pattern designs, and much more.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced painter, we’re confident that you’ll succeed in the creation of a stunning art piece with any of our paint by numbers floral kits! Our high-resolution printed guidelines, rich pigments, and convenient reference sheet guarantees a beautiful paint by numbers plant or floral piece that will enrich your life. Hang your finished piece in any room in your home, or surprise a loved one with a unique gift!

More Than Just Decor

While our paint by numbers flower masterpieces allow you to bring nature into your home through art, painting in and of itself can provide you many more benefits than you think. Discover how painting reduces stress, improves your motor functions, and boosts your self-esteem when you start painting with our guided designs. You don’t have to worry about being creative or talented – just follow our instructions! If you’re looking for more nature options, you may find more plant-based paint by number designs in our Landscape & Nature Collection. Set your creativity free!