Collection: Paint by Numbers Scenery

We love that you can relax as you paint and let your mind travel to the world you’re creating with each brushstroke. From busy cityscapes to calming lake views, every piece is full of color, life, and unique details that will look amazing once you’re done. Our collection includes vintage paint by numbers landscapes from artists like Monet and Van Gogh, as well as contemporary paint by numbers places, like modern-day Venice and New York. Explore our scenery selection and travel the world without leaving your seat!

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Ready to Paint Right Away

With our selection of paint by numbers scenery kits, you get everything you need with one click. Each canvas comes with paints, brushes, instructions, and so much guidance to help you get started. However, if you feel like you need a few extra colors or paint brushes, we have accessories to help you get more comfortable. Browse artist gloves, brush cases, tripods, and so much more!

Discover a Variety of Styles

Canvas by Numbers strives to cater to every kind of artist out there. Whether you adore paint by numbers scenery that looks like stained glass, or you want to be just like one of the masters with a vintage paint by numbers landscape, we have something to suit your aesthetic. We also recommend you explore our paint by numbers best sellers to discover can’t-miss selections that everybody loves!

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