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Mandalas of Virtue

Mandala canvas wall art makes beautiful decor for your home. They’re meditative pieces meant to bring a measure of peace and zen into your space. But what if you want to paint the mandala yourself? At Canvas by Numbers, we offer you the chance to produce a guided work of art with our mandala paint by numbers canvases – no artist training is needed. Anyone can pick up a brush and create unbelievably intricate designs with our kits. Explore our curated selection of mandalas and discover the perfect pieces for your home.

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  • Empathy

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  • Clarity

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  • Trust

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  • Acceptance

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  • Gratitude

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  • Wisdom

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  • Illumination

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  • Harmony

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Your Mandala Canvas Wall Art

Once you order your preferred mandala paint by numbers canvas, you receive a full kit that will help you complete your painting step by step. Our high-quality printed canvas holds the illustrated design with numbers that indicate exactly where to place each color. You’ll also receive paints, brushes, and a guide sheet that will match each number to its partner color. If you wish, you can bolster your painting experience with other accessories, including an easel, artist's glove, magnifying glass, and more.

Meditation With Canvas by Numbers

A mandala painted by numbers is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a tranquil retreat from the everyday hustle and bustle of life. Painting is a well-known outlet for stress, and mandalas are meant to help you with mindfulness and meditation. We’ve combined both stress-relieving tools into one activity that can help you find a measure of peace anytime, anywhere. Explore our mandala options to find the right shape, colors, and complexity for your life.

Have questions about how our kits work? Find help in our paint by numbers guide here.


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