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Paint by Numbers Famous Artists & Paintings

About This Collection

Famous Paint by Numbers Kits

At Canvas by Numbers, we take pride in our unique painting kits catalog. This collection has some of the most influential artwork in the history of painting, and we turned it into paint by numbers for you!

There's plenty of styles to choose from. Van Gogh's most iconic paint by numbers will be challenging and turn out fantastic. Gustav Klimt's textures and color balance will be a joy to paint. Claude Monet's masterpieces will have you hooked for hours and hours, and Alphonse Mucha's portraits and figure painting will take you back to the art-nouveau starts. We also have more contemporary painters such as Natalia Zagorii (glassworks, easy and relaxing) or Boyan Dimitrov's vivid compositions. You get the idea! Pick your favorite paint by numbers kit and have a great time!

We are one of the top paint by numbers sellers, and we are widely known for our exclusive and colorful painting kits and high-quality standards. Our colored canvases, clear impression, image details, rich paints, and beautiful packaging are rated "Excellent" in Trustpilot.