Collection: Landscape & Nature

Picture yourself walking through a field of colorful poppies or overlooking a cascading waterfall. These are stunning landscapes to paint with our paint by numbers kits. If you want to wander along the countryside or get lost in the Mediterranean, we have the perfect paint by numbers nature scene for you. Discover beautiful woods, rivers, mountains, oceans, and gardens. Bring the beauty of nature indoors with the paint by numbers for adults Landscapes Collection from Canvas by Numbers.

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Nature Scenes that Fit Your Style

With our wide selection of landscape settings and styles, you’re sure to find the perfect piece to complement your decor. Choose from scenes that depict gorgeous fields of flowers, wide open mountain ranges, forest glades, nature throughout the seasons, and other landscapes to paint. Nature can be tricky to paint on your own, but our paint by numbers landscape kits for adults make creating a masterpiece fun and easy! No matter what art style you’re into — impressionism, surrealism, contemporary, abstract, or others — you’ll find artwork that resonates with your personal preference. Your finished project will be an eye-catching conversation starter and lovely piece to decorate the living room and kitchen, as they evoke harmony and warm colors!

Premium Paint by Numbers Kits

When you take time and effort to paint something amazing, you’ll only want premium materials to create your finished project. Each of our paint by numbers kits includes artist grade canvas, high-quality brushes, and premium acrylic paints. We also offer extra accessories that will help you and your inner artist blossom when painting your masterpiece!