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Ernst Haeckel was a German naturalist and zoologist turned painter who focused on works encompassing the natural world. In addition to discovering and naming thousands of species, mapping a genealogical tree for all life forms, and coining many biological terms we still use today, he also created stunning works of art full of life and color. If you want to bring this famous artist into your home, we suggest you explore our Ernst Haekel prints for paint by numbers canvases that you can create at home. Shop our botanical paint by numbers today to find the perfect piece to match your aesthetic.

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Botanical Paint by Numbers

Ernst Haeckel prints explore the natural world in a truly unique way. He combines science and art into vibrant portraits that depict plants, animals, and fungal life forms for beautiful results. Instead of a traditional landscape scene with animals, his paintings read almost like textile patterns with repeated and symmetrical recreations of his favorite subjects. His works have a tendency to be anatomically accurate, with a touch of whimsy that truly adds movement and magic to every piece. Shop these prints to discover science through art today!

Painting Made Easy

Whether you’re just getting into painting or you’re a paint by numbers expert, Canvas by Numbers makes it easy to start a new hobby. When you shop our Ernst Haeckel prints, you get more than just a canvas printed with outlines to fill in! We also provide you with the paints, brushes, and instructions you need to make getting started simpler than ever. Shop with us today to enjoy the flexibility of canvas sizing and framing options, as well as a complete set of tools to make painting a joy.