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How to Pick a Good Photo for your Custom Kit?

Custom paint by numbers kits greatly depend on picking the right image. Here are some basic rules you need to follow to ensure your image will turn into a stunning masterpiece.

👉 Four Key Tips for Choosing Your Image:

1. Image Resolution/Quality:

The sharper, the better.

2. Distance from the Camera:

The closer to the camera the subject is, the more detail we can capture. Close-up shots work best.

Distance from the Camera

3. Lighting:

Opt for evenly lit photos. The light should come from the camera angle. Avoid intense backlight, shadows on the subjects, dark pictures, or color filters.


4. Canvas Size:

Larger canvases capture more details. Choose at least 16x20 inches for complex images. Ensure your photo matches the canvas ratio (i.e., pick a square canvas if your photo is square).

Canvas Size


Avoid any small font on your image. It is very hard for paint by numbers software to capture and render small fonts to be readable. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your photo follows the requirements. Choosing images in line with these guidelines ensures the best results. Not sure about your photo? Send it to us at before placing your order.

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