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At Canvas by Numbers, we like to do things right by respecting intellectual property and reaching out to every artist we host in our collection. When you shop contemporary artwork kits with us, you’re buying licensed and commissioned artwork from our partner artists! You will support artists in doing what they love the most and enjoy number paintings ethically. We’re among the few paint by numbers websites that work with the artists or their estates to ensure fair treatment of their work. Explore modern art from painters that are still working today when you shop for these artist’s paint by numbers!

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Contemporary Aesthetics

Contemporary artists, by definition, work in modern art styles, but that doesn’t mean a bland and uniform collection. Our paint by numbers artists offer a curated variety of subjects and aesthetics for you to explore. Check out stunning landscapes that include everything from quaint cities and beautiful seascapes, or browse stained glass-style recreations of some of your favorite animals. Whatever subject matter you prefer, there’s an artist in this collection that may speak to you. Browse our ever-changing inventory to see what’s new in this collection!

Your Complete Kit

When you shop our contemporary artists' collection, you get a thoughtfully created kit that addresses your every need. Simply choose your canvas size and frame preference before checking out, and you’ll receive a high-quality printed canvas, the exact paint colors in the painting, brushes in various sizes, and a complete set of instructions to help you on your way. We do offer some extra accessories as needed, so if you feel that you need extra support on your painting journey, shop magnifying glasses, easels, and brush holders in our accessories collection.