Simple Ways to Make Paint by Numbers Look Much Better

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Paint by Numbers Blog-Simple Ways to Make Paint by Numbers Look Much Better-Canvas by Numbers

A question we often come across at Canvas by numbers is “how to make paint by numbers look better and more refined?” Well, talent can be gifted by birth but you can surely polish it and fine-tune it with practice and truly earn it. Paint by numbers kits are a perfect starting point for novice artists and beginners who want to develop the skill of painting. Paint by numbers flowers is a great way to commence with, as these kits have an assortment of colors to play with. This exercise will make you comfortable with colors, blending and transition.

Some people think this form of painting is easy and argue that it requires no imagination that fuels the mind and enriches the soul. Paint by numbers may seem simple, where one just has to fill the numbers with the corresponding colors. It’s a therapeutic activity that helps you unwind and distress in the most productive way that is both satisfying and stimulating. America's favorite pastime and a centuries old way to learn the art of painting, available in a wide range of styles like paint by numbers flowers, pets, portraits, landscapes, animals etc. Access paint by numbers online or in stores and see for yourself how this activity can upgrade your skills and uplift your confidence as a painter.

Give a shot to a couple of paint by numbers kits to get a hang of them and advance your learning with each try. A few things you will figure out on your own that can make the painting look better and the rest of the tips we will tell you to make sure the end result is proficient and stunning.

The setting should be facilitating  

A well-lit room that has proper lighting is an absolute stipulation of paint by numbers. For those particularly small spaces, invest in a magnifying head lamp and see the difference for yourself. Also if the canvas is laid on the floor then hunching for too long can be tiring as well as painful for the neck and back, make sure to place the frame where you are relaxed.

Recheck for right color  

Don’t roll your eyes on this one, I know it may seem obvious but trust me people can mess this and bring down the whole look. When you are fully invested in the painting one can get into calm trance, so make sure by double checking the numbers and matching colors.


First coat is the base coat. In order to get that polished look, recoat the color after the first one is tried to ensure a rich, smooth and non-streaky painting. Use a white marker to cover up the ghost of numbers peeking through that can ruin the end result if not taken care of.

Soft edges  

When working with an area in the painting that has several gradients of colors try to blend the edges into one another by going back and forth with the brush for a natural transition. Also use water to your advantage to get the right consistency for the paint.

Always keep these hacks in mind to ensure your hard work pays off big time.

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774 reviews
Time consuming but worth it!

It looked as described. I'm very happy with the result!

Colibries - Ernst Haeckel

Extremely happy with how it turned out. Great quality canvas and paint.
A very detailed piece which took a while to complete. Really love the vintage look of this piece.
I did notice however that the some of the colours of my piece of work differ somewhat to the colours of other pieces uploaded on the review page.

Van Gogh Yellow Cafe

Fun to work on during the pandemic. Van Gogh is not for beginners. I found the small spaces and numbers difficult to see. But I enjoyed watching the work progress. Colors are lovely.

Lighted magnifying glass

Love it. Soooo helpful!!!

verf en nummers klopten niet

slechte beoordeling. Niet helder of stipje 1 goed of juist niet goed is.Heel jammer dat de kleuren niet overeen kwamen met de nummers. Het lijkt een soort negatief te zijn van de afdruk.Ik ben het nu zelf helemaal aan het bekijken.Jammer!