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How to Create a Personalized Custom Paint-by-Numbers Kit

Painting is such a fun activity, and painting by numbers is even better by taking advantage of being able to follow along with a numbered guide. But did you know you can create custom paint by number kits from one of your photos? Paint by numbers is great, but it’s even better when you can paint one of your favorite photographs. 

However, there’s some important information you’ll need to know to choose a quality photo before you start on your masterpiece. So let’s dive into the information, tips, and tricks you need to know to create your custom paint by numbers image. 

Why Should You Do a Custom Paint-By-Number Kit?

  • Enhance relationships by sharing the fun of painting with your friends and family.
  • Relaxing activity to help you take your mind off of stressful things going on in your life. 
  • Simple and easy activity everyone can do without requiring advanced skills. 
  • Makes a great gift for any and all occasions!
  • They’re educational for children teaching good habits like patience, concentration, and determination. 

How Do Custom Paint-by-Number Kits Work? 

It’s super simple! All you have to do is upload a picture you want to be converted into a paint-by-numbers kit; we will do the rest. We will create your photo into the paint by number layout. Our custom paint by number kits will also include other things you’ll need to get started like brushes, paint sets, and extra canvas paper. So you’ll literally get everything you need right out of the box to get started on enjoying your painting. 

How to Choose The Right Picture

There’s a number of things you’ll need to think about to choose the right photo for your paint by number kit. 

Image content:

You want to choose a photo with a background that isn’t too cluttered. When a photo gets converted to a paint by numbers pattern you’ll only have 24-36 colors to choose from so you don’t want a photo with a large variation of colors. The fewer things in the background, the better it’s detail will be in the final product.

Image size: 

And in terms of size, you want to use a photo with a minimum of 750 pixels high and wide. To check your image size, Mac and Windows both have tools like Finder and Windows Explorer to view the image size. If you want to paint a photo of a group of people, we recommend having fewer than 4-5 people so all of the faces can be clearly seen. 

More than 4-5 people, and it will be difficult to convert to the paint by numbers layout. And finally, ensure the lighting looks good on the photo. For a good paint by numbers painting, the lighting should be good to prevent any issues from coming up when it’s converted to the paint by numbers kit. There you have it. If you follow these guidelines, you should get the perfect paint by numbers kits you are looking for!

Some Great Photo Ideas for Custom Paint-By-Numbers Kit

You know the guidelines for choosing the right image, but what are some good ideas for images to use? How about photos of your last family vacation? Or maybe an image of your family, favorite pet, or even something else out in nature like a flower or bug? Or even your favorite building or architecture? Whatever you can capture in an image may be a good idea for a paint by number painting. 

Summarizing the Important Steps

In order to get the perfect paint by number kit you’re looking for, there’s a number of things to be aware of. And through this article we shared some of the most important things you’ll need to get the perfect image. So in summary, here’s the most important things you’ll need for your custom paint by numbers painting: 

  • Be sure to use a clear picture that has an uncluttered background that is 750 pixels height and width.
  • Be sure to crop your image based on the final canvas size you want.
  • Then go ahead and select the canvas size and color you want and upload the photo on a website to convert it to the paint by number layout. 
  • Once you get your paint by number kit you can get started on all the fun of bringing your painting to life!
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