Collection: Natalia Zagorii

Zagorii is a Russian artist who has been working with Canvas by Numbers for years. Her work depicts a variety of subjects in a unique stained glass style that is simple yet intricate. Breaking up paintings of landscapes, animals, and cities into the bold strokes of soldered glass, each stained glass paint by numbers is a masterpiece in two parts – both paint and glasswork. Browse our collection of glass and mosaic-style artwork by this stunning artist to add colorful, playful images to your home decor.

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Mosaic-Style Artwork

Stained glass and mosaic artwork are traditionally a three-dimensional medium that uses tiles, stones, or glass to create a stunning image full of life and color. Instead of using one of these mediums, Zagorii opts to maintain the two-dimensional materials of painting to create lightweight, hangable pieces with a similar aesthetic. With her mosaic and stained glass paint by numbers designs, you get the same effect as Gaudi’s Parque Guell or Peter Mason’s Salisbury Cathedral Angel on a canvas that you can hang up on any wall in your home. Choose one of her unusual pieces to enjoy simple color schemes and easy paintings for first-timers.

Our Complete Kits

If you want a complete kit that arrives ready for you to paint, this collection is for you! Shop mosaic artwork paintings with us to get everything you need to start painting right away. Select your canvas size and framing preference before checking out to get a kit with instructions, a high-quality printed canvas outline, brushes of all sizes, and paints in the colors of the painting – no mixing necessary! For any additional accessories, like magnifying glasses and easels, make sure to browse our extras today!