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Lions & Tigers Paint by Numbers Collection

Two of the most beautiful animals in the world are featured in this paint by number collection: lions and tigers. Portrayed as they would appear in the wild, they are not only ferocious and powerful but also graceful and all-together awe-inspiring. They are a symbol of strength and pride. With these paintings, capture a piece of that power for yourself.

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  • Abstract Lion Portrait

    From $26.95

  • 🇺🇸 USA Stock

    The Kingdom of Heaven

    by Susan Jenkins

    From $26.95

  • Repast of the Lion

    by Henri Rousseau

    From $26.95

  • ⭐️ New!

    The Prince

    by Val Warner

    From $26.95

  • ⭐️ New!

    Cosmic White Tiger

    by Rebecca Wang

    From $26.95

  • ⭐️ New!

    Gaze of the Wild

    by CBN Studios

    From $26.95

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Capture the Majesty of Two Apex Predators 

Celebrate these magnificent beasts and the unique personalities they possess. The lions in this collection are regal, proud, and strong. They stand tall with their heads held high as they gaze out over their kingdom. The tigers in this paint by numbers collection are lithe and full of personality. Their piercing gaze will draw any onlooker for a closer look.

Each paint by number kit is carefully crafted to capture the dominant and dignified lions and tigers. Beautiful landscapes provide a perfect backdrop for these top predators, who take center stage in nature. You don’t have to be intimidated when staring at the canvas. Our comprehensive guide will help you paint your first (or twentieth!) masterpiece without being an actual master. You just need patience and persistence to see it through.

Recreate Lions and Tigers in their Natural Habitats

Whether you're a budding artist or looking for a fun way to spend time with your family or just trying out a rewarding hobby, our paint by number kits are perfect for anyone who loves lions and tigers and wants to bring a little bit of their wild sides into their home. All these paint by numbers kits include the complete essentials: acrylic paints, brushes, an instruction booklet, a high-quality print canvas, and a reference sheet. Turn your creative energy into something special.


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