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Abstract Lion Portrait (LIMITED EDITION)

Abstract Lion Portrait (LIMITED EDITION)

🎨 Up to 28 gorgeous colors

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⭐️ 60 days money-back guarantee.

A fantastic paint by numbers kit for all levels & ages. This colorful lion painting will bring hours of fun to the table and look great once completed. Spend some quality time with your little ones or chill yourself at home. It's up to you!
Size :16"x20" (40x50cm) No Frame

The Canvas by Numbers Difference

There are many brands out there. We are not the cheapest, and we do not intend to be. Our motto is to focus on providing a great painting experience and putting customers first. You are going to spend quite a few hours working on your painting. Is it worth it to risk it to save a few bucks? That's up to you! However, when we create our paint by numbers kits, we like to do them right.

Quality materials

Our durable 240gsm cotton blend canvases are printed in high resolution and color, so they're easy to read, reducing eye strain. The rich pigment acrylics will make colors pop up, and the custom wooden brushes provide a great painting experience. You get a reference sheet, color print, and instructions manual included in the kit.

Cheap materials to cut costs

Low-cost and low-resolution cotton canvases with black and white printing. The numbers are hard to read, and it can be frustrating to work on them for extended periods. The paints are usually too thin or too thick. Cheap brushes that snap easily. Often missing the reference sheet and any other extra materials.

Solid 60 days guarantee

Love your product or send it back. Any damage, issue during transit, or inconvenience is covered until the parcel reaches your doorstep. All custom products are covered against damage or production fault.

Issues with sellers

Poor quality control with little or no guarantees. Each painting kit is like playing the lottery. Support is very slow and difficult to reach. Usually ends in PayPal or bank dispute, which is a long and frustrating process.

Licensed Artwork

Canvas by Numbers backs artists by paying for a license or/and royalties. Purchasing from us means you are complying with the law and supporting artists to continue with their passion. Do not support the black market! Help small artists and talents instead.

Stolen & illegal artwork

Sites like Amazon, Aliexpress, and many US vendors are known for selling cheaper paint by numbers. They are stealing the artwork without the artist even knowing and violating their copyright. If you don't see the artist's name in a product, chances are it is not legal.

Premium packaging

Colorful packaging ideal for gifts! Get your canvas rolled in a hard tube and forget about wrinkles. Pre-stretched canvases are shipped in a branded corrugated cardboard box.

Inferior packaging

Your order arrives in a cheap generic bag. You open it, and the canvas is full of creases, or even worse, folded! Now you gotta spend time ironing and trying to fix it! Sounds familiar?

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nicole Bowen (Queens, US)
Relaxing and addictive

This was my first paint by numbers ever and I must say I enjoyed it greatly. The extra color guide was very helpful when trying to figure out the smaller sections of the painting. Will definitely be purchasing more.

Keeta Jones (Upper Marlboro, US)

Abstract Lion Portrait (LIMITED EDITION)

Samantha Bonney
So fun!!

This one was so much fun to do! It was easy enough to be relaxing but hard enough to be exciting! Can’t wait to hang it up

Lauren (Apex, US)
Finished painting!

I lovvvveee it! I could have never painted this myself, but with the paint-by-numbers, I now have this amazing masterpiece I made! I’m so excited! I love it! It’s relaxing and fun! Already started on my second purchase!

Gabby Millayes (North Bergen, US)

Even though I haven’t receive my canvases yet I’m sure they are lovely and they would make a cute inside small date with my wife

Lauren (Apex, US)
The best!!

I can’t get over how much fun this is!! I’m having to limit myself to a few colors a day because I don’t want it to be finished so soon! I’ve already ordered a second one (debating on a third already too!), and my cousin and stepmom each ordered some too because I’m having so much fun! This is the best!!

Cassie Charlot (Camberwell, AU)

Really enjoyed doing the lion canvas. Definitely recommend. :)