Extra Paint Set

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Extra Paint Set

Extra paints set for your Canvas by Numbers kit. This needs to be ordered together with your paint by numbers kit. Not to be sold separately! Price per painting set. If you order 3 kits and need extra paints for all of them, please add this product to your cart three times.

If you order several kits and you only need extra paints for one of them, let us know the painting name by leaving a note in your cart :-)  

The Canvas by Numbers Difference

"We love Paint by Numbers and we love to do it right."

Quality materials

Our 100% smooth linen canvases are printed in high
resolution and color to reduce eye strain. The rich pigment acrylics will make colors pop up, and the four wooden brushes provide a great painting experience.

Cheap materials to cut costs

Low-cost cotton canvases with low-resolution black and white printing. Numbers are hard to read and can be frustrating. The paints are usually too thin or too thick. Cheap brushes that snap easily.

Solid 60 days guarantee

Love your product or send it back. Any damage, issue during transit or inconvenience is covered until the parcel reaches your doorstep.

Issues with sellers

Lack of quality control. Hard or impossible to enforce the warranty. Support is difficult to reach. Usually ends in PayPal or bank dispute.

Licensed Artwork

Canvas by Numbers backs artists by paying for a license or/and royalties. Purchasing from us means you are supporting artists to continue with their passion.

Stolen artwork

Unfortunately, many stores reproduce stolen paintings as paint by numbers without the artist even knowing and violating their copyright. Always buy licensed art to support the artists!

Professional packaging

Get your canvas rolled in a hard tube and forget about wrinkles. Colorful packaging ideal for gifts!

Inferior packaging

Folded canvases full of wrinkles shipped in a generic plastic bag. Sounds familiar?

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Danielle Lantzy (Broomfield, US)
Extra paint

There is no need for the extra paint set. I didn’t use up any of the first set.

Fred Tipton (Aberdeen, US)

Extra Paint Set

Robert Motz (Vail, US)

Extra paint I really did not need, except loose lid on one my fault😆, so glad I did.

MrsTimmyJ Jennings (Salem, US)
Xtra paint

Like having extras paint.

john geee (Reading, US)
Extra paint

Very nice to have extra paint

Tyler Allen (Braintree, US)

You’re company does great quality, thank you so much!!!

Maria Cahill (Staten Island, US)
Great Gift

I purchased this for my husband as a gift. He loved it and it came out great.