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Best Value Paint by Numbers Kits - Great Deals in the United States

Are you in search of a creative activity that’s not only productive, it’s also fun, relaxing and affordable? With many countries still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, a demand for such activities is on an all-time high. Parents, grandparents and kids are all stuck in the home for months on end, with not much information on when the situation will be better. In such precarious times, everyone is dealing with their own set of pressures and are on a verge of breaking.

In order to keep everyone sane while stuck together, we must indulge in creative activities that keeps your mind at rest, gives us a sense of achievement, doesn’t involve going out and most importantly is light on the pocket. Well, I can suggest a great activity that will bring everyone together, can be done individually, in pairs or by the whole family and is very reasonably priced. Paint by numbers kits is the ultimate solution to all your worries, trust me.

Canvas by numbers has a vast range of paint by numbers kits in every possible category, be it paint by numbers dogs, birds, classics, fantasy, fiction, life, landscape or even customized kits are an option here. They also provide you your paint by numbers kits in about 2-5 days or even 1-2 days if you choose express shipping. Now you don’t even have to wait for days on end to take up this amazing activity. Paint by numbers is an amazingly artistic activity, which lets you explore the world of paints in a way that will make you proud when you’re done with it.

The rules are simple and understandable, all you need to do is to channelize your inner artist and provide him with a paint by numbers kit that will let him be inspired. The reason why paint by numbers is so popular and have managed to maintain their popularity over so many years, is because they make everyone feel like a pro painter and Canvas by numbers gives you the best value for money kits in the whole USA.

What Do You Need to Get You Started?

Nothing! Just order yourself a paint by numbers kit in your favorite category (mine is birds paint by numbers, it’s simply stunning!) and you’re good to go. Our kits have each and everything you need to get started, that’s why I say these are the best value for your money kits in the entire USA and they send you the kits within 2-5 days of ordering. Just find yourself a well-lit, ventilated and quiet space in the home, where you can enjoy, imagine, create and unwind.

If you haven’t had a chance to buy one for yourself, it’s the best possible time as they're great deals going on our bestselling paint by numbers kits and you can order a bunch of them to try, explore and get inspired from. I will go ahead and suggest you to buy paint by numbers dogs kits as they’re simply adorable, full of colors and life and will instantly enchant any place you decide to hang it up.

What Will you Receive in the Kit?  

As I mentioned earlier, our paint by numbers kits come as a whole package, you won’t have to step out of the house for anything at all, that’s why I say they’re the best value paint by numbers kits in the USA as you only have to order once, wait for 2-5 days and start with them, no extra supplies are needed. Upon opening the package, you’ll get a canvas which can be either framed or rolled up, depending on the option you preferred.

I would suggest getting a framed one, that way you could simply hang your creation when it’s done, otherwise you might have to step out to get it framed. Next up you’ll find a canvas made with fine quality linen which ensures that your painting will last for decades without colors losing their vibrancy over time.

Our kits come with a detailed instruction card that tells you how to approach your painting, what are the ways to get the best results and all the apprehensions or concerns you might have, are addressed in the card for you. You’ll also receive a colored picture card with it so that you’re excited, pumped and thrilled to get started. The paint pods that come with our kits are not at all basic. They’re deeply layered and diverse so that you can give your painting a professional feel without having any knowledge of color mixing or blending.

Whether you choose birds paint by numberspaint by numbers dogs or any bestseller from our paint by number wildlife collection; for a good painting you’ll need good brushes. A good brush is a dense, silk bristled brush that picks up a good amount of paint on the very first dip and doesn’t make any streaks while painting.  Canvas by numbers take pride in giving you the top-quality brushes along with the kit. These are not your regular brushes; we have made them specifically according to our kits and paint. If a certain picture has broad sections then the brushes will be according to that and vise-versa.

Best Value for Money- Reasons

Paint by number kits provide the best value for your money and you’ll not find a better rate and shipping speed that’s 1-2 days in the whole USA, period. These kits aren’t just a creative exercise, it has numerous other benefits which if gained separately will cost you a fortune. Let’s dive into them one by one so that you can understand the deep-rooted advantages of this simple looking activity and order yourself or your loved ones the best gift ever.

1. Reduces Stress Levels

Name one person who isn’t suffering from stress, anxiety or pressures of the society. Nowadays due to the pandemic the overall situation has further deteriorated. In these times, an activity like paint by numbers can help you deal with these pressures and stresses in a healthy and positive way. When you start on with the intricate task of filling in tiny numbered spaces with its corresponding paint it takes your mind away from all the trials and tribulations and lets you concentrate on the task at hand. It helps you overcome your anxieties and negative thoughts. You’ll feel much better and positive after this creative endeavor. Imagine going to a shrink or a therapist for the same and giving them your hard-earned money for every sitting!

2. Stunning Wall Art Décor

Now we all know how expensive artwork can be, right? It can easily punch a huge hole in your pocket and most of the time you won’t have any affiliation and sentimental value with the art work. But paint by numbers gives you a great value of money, you can hang your very own artwork on the walls of your home and enjoy a compliment or two. It will swoon your confidence and your heart with pleasure. I would honestly recommend you to try our birds paint by numbers if you need beautiful artwork in your entrance or give our paint by numbers dogs a try for stunning artwork in a kids room, hallways or even kitchen.

3. A Superb Gift

During festive times like Christmas or Easter or even on birthdays or anniversaries; the most difficult thing is to buy a thoughtful gift for the loved one. I personally always try to make an effort in finding a gift that’s memorable and useful for the recipient. Paint by numbers is one gift that is loved, appreciated and adored by all age groups. It’s my go-to gift when I want to make an impression or I want to make a loved one feel special. The best part about paint by numbers is that you can customize your kits or choose from a wide range of collections. Trust me, on this one and thank me later!

4. A Chance to Pursue Your Dream

How many of you dreamed of becoming an artist but let go of it due to time constraints or other pressures? I for one loved to paint but over the years the urge to do so vanished; maybe I was too ashamed of what I'll create or maybe I didn’t have the time and money for learning it professionally or the fear of criticism or being judged was too potent. Well, if you can resonate with me then no need to feel sorry for me. I have gained so much confidence as an artist and thanks to the paint by numbers kits. They helped my maneuver my inner artist, gave it wings to fly and helped it to become confident and self-assured. Now we all can gain confidence with brush skills, color mixing and other things, all thanks to these amazing kits.

5. Available at Best Price

Canvas by Numbers is offering some great deals on its best sellers, Latest additions, Customer picks and most famous paintings. This is the best time to get a great value for your money, try a new activity or stock up on it if you’re already hooked like me. Painting by number kits will make your days pleasant, bare able and very productive, while burdening your pocket.

Summing It Up

Paint by numbers kits by Canvas by Numbers provide a perfect opportunity for the entire family to indulge in a creative activity. You can have your paint by numbers kits delivered at your doorstep in just a few days with the best value of money deals in America. This prolific activity will allow the kids to have a break from the screens, adults to bond with the kids and older people to kill those long hours. So, if you like to spend some quality time doing creative work then I can already see you ordering some paint by numbers flowers, landscape, portrait or still life for yourself and getting them at your doorstep in about 2-5 days from now!

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