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Paint By Numbers Blog-6 Key reasons you should buy Paint by Numbers Kits from Canvas by Numbers-Canvas by Numbers

6 Key reasons you should buy Paint by Numbers Kits from Canvas by Numbers

2020 has been testing, challenging and a stressful year for everyone around the globe. Self-care has taken a whole new meaning and also something everyone now understands and puts effort in. Some do it by meditating, tackling a reading list, exercising, taking up a forgone hobby, solving a complicated puzzle or even by writing a diary. One such way that is not only a great pass-time, it’s also very relaxing, productive, ambitious and de-stressing. Colorful paint by numbers kits are just a perfect way to reclaim the inner artist in you, challenge yourself and do something that makes the time spend on it all worth it

Next time you want to unwind in the most prolific way, browse the paint by numbers famous paintings selection at Canvas by Numbers. They strive hard to provide the best quality kits that make the whole experience worth spending time on. Their kits have everything that you need for a good painting experience. Canvas by Numbers kits are the best paint by numbers for adults, kids, and older people. A wide selection of kits that are ideal to choose from and indulge in an activity that takes you back right to your childhood and makes you motivated and all-charged up.

Canvas by numbers kits provide you the perfect opportunity to create your very own masterpieces that you can proudly flaunt in your living room or even better, you can give them to your loved ones. Canvas by numbers also provides the facility of customizing your kits, which means you can now convert your very special memory or image into a painting! The kits are different from all the other kits available in the market as the customers get a high quality, superior product which has everything included in it, at the best price point. In this article, I will address all the reasons that make Canvas by number kits the best one on the market.

1. Colored Canvas

Most of the paint by numbers kits available on the market has black and white canvases. The background of the canvas is stark white whereas the numbers that designate different parts of the painting are in black.  The idea behind the black and white canvas is that the white base makes the colors show vibrantly and the black numbers distinguish each area more clearly. But the problem arises when you have to recoat the area over and over again in order to hide the black numbers peeking through the paints thus ruining your efforts.

Canvas by number kits took heed of this problem and their kits come with light colored canvas which ensures color vibrancy as well as clear visibility of numbers. The light colored canvas makes sure the colors show up beautifully on the canvas and the numbers are also written in a lighter shade which not only makes them easy to form the naked eye but they are much easier to hide even from lighter colored paint.  So no need to wait for hours between every paint coat in order to hide those sneaky numbers that are prying from underneath the painting.

2. Available in both Rolled and Pre-stretched Canvases

Most of the companies offer either rolled or Pre-stretched canvases but here you’re spoiled for choice.  Canvas by numbers’ colorful paint by number kits is available in both ways, as per your convenience and preference. If you order your kits in a rolled canvas then your kit will arrive in a protected hard tube that will ensure that it doesn’t get any dog ears, stains or wrinkles during the time of shipment.

Rolled canvases take up much less space than the pre-stretched ones so the delivery cost is low as well. You might be thinking about those stubborn curves that make it hard for the canvas to straighten up after you get them out of the tube but worry not, just iron them and voila, all the curves are gone for good.

Pre-stretched ones do take up a lot of space in the mail but makes the painting experience a breeze. All you have to do is to get them out, lay them on a sturdy surface or prop them on an easel and paint your heart out. After that you can just simply get the canvas framed and flaunt your artwork in any room of your home.

3. A Complete Package

Canvas by Number kits are the best paint by number kits for adults because they come as a complete set, in which you don’t have to step out of the home for a single thing. Imagine you are all set for taking up this new hobby, you have set up the perfect corner in the house, your order arrives and when you set everything up you realize that the paint brushes or paint pods or any other thing is not enough or missing altogether from the set, what a buzz kill it would be!

Well, if you order your colorful paint by number kits from Canvas by numbers you’ll be in awe of the thoughtfulness and pensiveness that has been put into the whole package just so that you can have the best experience ever.

It comes with a beautiful personalized thank you note which makes the customer feel special and appreciated. The direction sheet is fully detailed featuring all the things available in the kit, the best ways to take up the task and step-by-by directions from how to roll out the canvas to how to get it framed.

The kit also comes with a custom color key card which enables the user to fully comprehend the color story of the painting. A reference sheet of the image is also available in the kit to give you a good idea about the image that is about to appear. Lastly, these kits come with a bubble wrap sheet and polybag that protects it from everything till it reaches you.

4. Top Quality Brushes  

Brushes play a very vital role in making sure that your painting endeavor goes well. An assortment of top quality brushes safeguard that you have a smooth application of paint, the strokes are streak less and you get to paint every teeny tiny section of the numbered images. Painting is an art form and every stroke of the brush contributes to the final outlook of the picture. Canvas By numbers kits are fully stocked with all the relevant, top quality paint brushes which you will need during the painting process. They aren’t your ordinary, local and cheap blue brushes which you can get from any stationary shop, no!


These brushes have been designed and put in every kit keeping in mind the specific image. If the image mainly has bold spaces then an assortment of broad brushes will come in the package and if the spaces in the image are small then a collection of tiny and broad brushes will be given in the box. Also all the brushes are branded with the name Canvas by Numbers on it so that the user knows that he has opted for the right brand.

5. More Color Options

Now let’s talk about the main feature that actually brings a numbered image to life, paint colors. Most of the colorful paint by numbers kits come with 24 color paint pods option. These colors are basic, with not much color depth to make a painting look unique and more animated. Just your normal colors that you can find in every paint set, thus the final image is also ordinary and not something unique, eye-catching or head-turning.

But Canvas by numbers take their customers very seriously and make sure they come up with ways that make the experience of the user more pleasant and interesting. Canvas by Numbers kits come with a 28 color paint pod selection which lets you play with unique colors, combinations and blends that not only look amazing they also enhance the color knowledge of the aspiring painter that how different colors look beside each other. This is the reason why I say that the best paint by numbers kit for adults is Canvas By numbers kits, hands down.

6. No Spillage, Wastage or Mess

Lastly I want you to pay heed to a very important point that might not look significant or pivotal but if it’s not done right, the consequences can be nasty, discouraging and off putting. Many brands of paint by numbers try to save money by packaging the paint pods in a plastic bag which can cause horrendous results if it gets leaked, spilled or smudged during shipping or handling.

Imagine you get your paint by number kits and when you open it, all the pain t pods are leaked and mixed with each other, what a buzz kill! Well Canvas by Numbers makes sure that the customer is as excited about the product as he was when he clicked on that order button. The paint pods are secured in a hard cardboard box to ensure no spillage occurs.


In the end I would strongly recommend you try out paint by numbers kits from Canvas by numbers and see for yourself the difference of quality from other brands. Have a painting experience like no other with Canvas by Numbers.

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