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Guido Borelli is an artist from Italy whose paintings were influenced by Italian realism—a style that aims to depict the real world on canvas. Known for his Italian wall art canvases, he is a master of the Romantic style with his manipulation of light, bright colors, and depictions of the idyllic life in Italy's small towns and cities. Discover Borelli’s paint by numbers masterpieces.

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Capture the Innocence of Lost Times

Borelli's work focuses on capturing the essence of nature, rather than reproducing exact images. His paintings are known for their unique combination of reality and imagination, as he often draws from his own experiences and memories to create paintings that often look like snapshots from his life. They are lushly detailed scenes of the past that stir memories within us. Maybe we've never even seen these places before, but we somehow feel like we have. Recreate an equally nostalgic canvas wall art that pays homage to the Italian landscape, its homes, and its beauty.

Celebrate the Italian Scenery With Our Kits

Paintings create a unique and compelling narrative that will complement any home. If you're interested in making Italy paint by numbers art for yourself or anyone else, we've got the art materials you need to get started: a cotton canvas that is sturdy and easy to work with; paints made with only the highest-quality ingredients; special PBN brushes that can paint over any area; prints that look crisp from every angle; and more. Tell a story with your Italian wall art canvas and give viewers a sense of longing for times past.