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Paint By Numbers Blog-4 Tips to Master the Skill of Painting by Numbers-Canvas by Numbers

4 Tips to Master the Skill of Painting by Numbers

Have you ever been overwhelmed by trying to learn to paint freehand? Paint by Numbers is such a great artistic activity. You can go from number to number filling in the different sections with the right colors and lines and eventually have a beautiful final painting. 

It’s as simple as following the listed numbers divided into shapes and marked with numbers matching a specific color you’re supposed to use. You can follow the pattern and watch a beautiful painting emerge or be creative and create a totally unique masterpiece! 

Whether you are a skilled artist or just a beginner looking for a fun painting activity, paint by number kits are great fun for you or as an activity you can do in a group. And as someone constantly improving your crafts, you probably want to improve on your paint by numbers skills as well. So here’s a few by numbers tips to improve your skills and experience.

1. Just Relax, Have Fun, and Let the Creativity Flow

Paint by numbers helps you “brush up” on your artistic skills as an artist and is great for helping you relax and unwind at the same time. You’ll find as you take the time to relax and just have fun, that your and skills will naturally improve. This is partly due to the fact that painting helps with improving perception through different shades and shapes. This helps the ability to add things to the painting that will ultimately create a beautiful image.

2. Train Yourself with Brush Techniques & Painting Techniques

Paint by Numbers is a terrific outlet for training your fingers and hands in different brush techniques and brush control. The different brush patterns ultimately affect the end image you are creating. Every swish, stroke, and movement of the paintbrush can create something entirely different. And eventually, after some time and practice, you may start adding different lines and brush strokes to the area of the painting that didn’t exist before because of your newly developed creative thinking processes.

3. Paint Colors from Largest to Smallest Area While Going from Top to Bottom

A very important tip to remember with paint by numbers is to paint each color at a time going from area to the smallest area. Why is this important? Because it ultimately saves you time from having to wash your paint brushes multiple times. It also saves you from wasting any unnecessary paint when you start and stop. And to prevent smudging in your painting, work your way from top to bottom of the painting.

4. Go from Lightest to Darkest Colors or Vice Versa

A very useful tip for you is to start with the lightest colors and then work your way to the darkest colors or vice versa. This is important for gaining a deeper understanding of the composition of the colors and how they affect each other in the overall painting. Also, be careful on how much paint you decide to use with your colors. You don’t want to drench them in a large amount of paint because it could drip into other areas of the picture you’re painting.

Where Can I Purchase a Paint by Number Kit? 

Have fun with your painting! Don’t be afraid to invent your own techniques, tips, and painting by numbers. And they are also a great social activity to do with friends or family members too. 

Paint by numbers kits come in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes for both children and adults. And they also come with the paint, brushes, board, and anything else you may need to paint. Some kits also come with over 50 different painting designs to choose from. They make a great purchase for yourself or as a gift for others. 

There’s nothing like being able to take a sparse and empty painting and turning it into a beautiful final picture. And after your stunning picture is can admire it for yourself or give it away to someone else. So what are you waiting for? Get a paint by number kit today!


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