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Real Paint by Numbers or the Happy Color App?

A paint by numbers online app

Painting by numbers is a wonderful choice if you're looking for a fun and peaceful hobby to do in the comfort of your home. But how about paint by numbers online, such as the Happy Color app? There are multiple apps available, but what is the difference between painting by numbers with a phone app and doing it in real life?

1. The Methodology

Paint-by-numbers online apps are a convenient way to create a digital painting anywhere without the commitment of actually having to paint. The app lets you select the colors and brushes you want, and then it will fill in the rest of the pattern for you. If you don't like what you've done, you can start over again—no problem!

A person painting flowers on a canvas

But if you want to learn the real deal, keep on reading! The feeling of sitting in front of a canvas and picturing your artwork coming together as you work through each layer of paint is priceless. You'll find yourself looking forward to each new project, whether for your home decor, a gift, or a way to blow some steam. You'll discover new techniques and methods of thinking about color that will enhance your creativity in all areas of life!

2. The Benefits

Paint by number online apps are a digital version of the traditional activity: they allow you to paint a picture by following a series of numbered dots on a grid, which tells you where to place each color. You can also use the app to zoom in on certain areas of the image or add more detail if desired.

When you work with your real canvas, you interact with your hands and enter a focused mental state of artistic creation. Each brushstroke will feel different. You will become more relaxed and enjoy the process. However, getting the same psychological and physical benefits from a phone screen will be quite hard! If any, you might get a headache staring at the screen for too long!

3. Sense of Achievement

Dedicating hours to completing a real canvas artwork that you can then showcase on your wall or gift to a special person is miles ahead of any paint by numbers online app! Not only will you be proud of something you painted with your hands, but the process will be more enjoyable and relaxing. The Happy Color app might be okay for those 10 minutes in public transportation.

A person smiling and painting by numbers

4. Share the Fun!

Have you tried painting a masterpiece with your hubby, wife, kids, or friends? Let us tell you. It's a blast! Sharing a painting kit is fun and can give the artwork a whole new meaning—it's a timeless memento that you effectively finished with another person. Sadly, this cannot be done with paint by numbers online—or at least not at the same level! There's no way to interact with other people working on their projects. When you're doing real paint by numbers, however, you can talk to people about your progress and see their work.

5. Learn Real Artistic Skills

If you are passionate about art and aim to create your paintings one day, this is a fantastic start! Many experienced painters jumped to freehand painting after starting with paint by numbers kits. With a real numbered painting kit, you'll learn about brushes, color consistency, textures, and even experiment once you're confident enough!

A person painting flowers by numbers

We hope this helped! If you are crazy about paint by numbers, you'll probably be doing both—real paint by numbers at home while having a paint by numbers online, like the Happy Color app, to kill time somewhere else!

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