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Colors- How Paint by Numbers Colors Impact our Life and Moods

Colors play an important part in our lives and have both positive and negative effects on us. Our emotions, feelings and moods are closely linked with the colors that surround us. 

Different colors have different psychological effects, they also have the power to alter our mood, can be used to signal something unspeakable and can be manipulated to influence someone deeply as well. 

There are many different colors that we come across everyday which can make us feel happy, sad, cheerful, relaxed, and hungry and depressed. All these various emotions that we feel due to changing colors around us are due to the cultural upbringing one has, the biological conditioning as well as the psychology of an individual. Colorful paint by numbers kits are a great way to play with colors and learn how these affect you emotionally.

What is Color Psychology?

Color Psychology

Color psychology is basically the study of how colors and different hues affect the moods, emotions, feelings and physical state of mind of a person. We are all surrounded by colors, there’s no doubt about the effects that colors have on us but still this facet of psychology isn’t tapped to its limits. 

Just a few studies and researches have been done and that too only out of practical concerns and not due to scientific curiosity and austerity. But slowly the radar is being shifted towards color psychology due to its massive role play in arts, marketing, designing and life in general. Few ground breaking observations have been noted about the effects of colors on our emotional health.

Color psychology is mostly subjective to individuals but there are some aspects of this that are much more accepted and generalized. Colors are interpreted in various ways, meaning, opinions and forms by people. 

For example, the color white is considered to be a sign of purity, peace and tranquility in the western countries but a symbol of mourning in the Eastern side of the world. Which means that color white will evoke varying degrees of emotions for two different people even if they’re standing next to each other. But some colors like red are universally considered as a color of emergency or used to call for attention.

Playing with colorful paint by numbers sets or investing in art sets for adults will allow you to learn more about colors, which colors you are drawn towards, which ones you don’t attract to and how different colors work against each other. Having the knowledge of colors will allow you to manipulate them according to your mood and will be a very positive influence on your life.

Warm and Cool Tones of Colors

Warm Toned Colors

Colors are generally divided into two forms of tones, warm and cool. The red side on the color wheel presents warmer hues like tones of oranges, yellows and reds. These warmer tones of colors have a positive effect on our mental state. They make us feel happy, energetic, full of life, warm, comfortable and cozy. 

But these colors when used in their brightened form also give out a feeling of urgency, emergency, danger, anger or hostility. Use warm tones colors to maneuver people in doing something stimulating and spirited. Warm colors are also great for ramping up the appetite and make you salivate. Notice the logo of the world’s largest food chain McDonalds- it’s in Red and Yellow color, so with that said I rest my case.

Man in blue sweater

On the other hand, the blue side of the color wheel represents cool toned hues like blues, purples and greens. These colors essentially evoke feelings of composure, calmness, tranquility and serenity. But when these colors are used in a darker hue, they also arouse a jittery feeling which leads to sadness. 

It also is a symbol of illness, depression and just feeling low in general. If you want to stimulate your inner artist then get your hands on colorful paint by numbers kits or art sets for adults to enjoy a range of colors and experience a roller coaster of emotions along with it.

How do each Color Affect our Psychological State of Mind?

State of mind

Now let’s look at some of the common colors that we all come in contact with on everyday bases and see how these colors impact us. These color effects are generalized without favoring any culture or community.

White- The color white is the starting point of every color. It’s the perfect reflector of the light. The color white perfectly encapsulates innocence, purity, peace, minimalism and simplicity. White is used to give out a vibe of cleanliness, freshness and simplicity.

Black- Black is not a color that you would find on the color wheel, it’s not made up by mixing any color and it’s not even a primary color. Black color absorbs all colors which means that any color mixed with black will also turn black. Some people love black and some people just hate it. Black color oozes elegance, authority, power, strength, menace. Black is also associated with evil, mystery, mourning, deep sadness and death.

Red- One of the most loved warm toned hues that is the flagbearer of love, affection and adoration but also symbolizes danger, anger and aggression.

Blue- One of the most popular cool toned hues, blue is the color that best describes tranquility, calmness and serenity. But it is also a good indicator when feeling unwell, sad and lonely.

Orange- Another warm toned color that is made using two warm toned colors, yellow and red. This amalgamation makes this color full of life, energy and enthusiasm. But it also indicates carelessness and lack of earnestness.

Green- made with a combination of one warm toned hue yellow and one cool toned hue blue makes an ideal balance between stress and calm. The color green is the color of nature that has amazing effects on us but also evokes feelings of jealousy and uneasiness.


Color affects are subject to many variables like culture, upbringing and psychological state of mind. In order to best understand your relationship with various colors, do art therapy or get yourself a colorful paint by number kits.



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