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Make crafts to give and surprise

No one dislikes a gift, that's clear.

With this simple (and not necessarily expensive) gesture, we show that person how important they are. However, when gifting a craft, the detail becomes even more special: we made it with our hands and our dedication.

There are many types of crafts to gift, as well as moments when we can get to work and create a craft so beautiful that it becomes part of the decor. In the living room, in a hallway, or in the bedroom.

Make crafts to gift

Moments to Seize for Gifting a Craft

Throughout the year, there are many occasions to give a craft. Birthdays, Christmas, various anniversaries, Valentine's Day, graduations, parenthood, job changes...

However, many times, the most surprising gifts are the ones that are unexpected, not tied to a date on the calendar. Any day is a good day to give a craft! Here are some easy ideas you can try at home.

What Crafts Can You Gift to That Special Person?

Handmade Photo Frames

It's hard to find a home without photos. They are a classic decoration element that we can use as a basis for making a craft: a photo frame.

These frames can be made from various materials and shapes, and can be decorated in numerous ways to make them even more original and eye-catching: glitter, fabric...

Handmade Photo Display Frame

Continuing with photos, a display frame for hanging photos is also a good craft. They are very eye-catching and take up quite a bit of space, making them perfect for hanging on a wall.

Paper Taxidermy

Along with cardboard, paper is one of the star materials in crafting. It's a cheap and manageable material suitable for almost any type of craft.

Although it's a more challenging project than the previous ones, the final result is definitely worth it (and if not, it's the thought that counts...).

There are more types of crafts to gift, but there's one that we want to tell you about in particular.

Gift crafts

A Painting as a Craft to Gift

What would you think if we told you that you can paint, for example, paintings by Van Gogh even if you've never picked up a paintbrush? Maybe you'd think we've gone mad, just like the painter did in his later years... But no!

A frame, a display frame, or a paper figurine is one thing... but painting a picture!?

Now you're probably thinking that drawing/coloring/painting has never been your strong suit. Like when you were a kid in school and you couldn't get past drawing a square house with smoke coming out of the chimney. Or when you failed art class in high school because your hands got sweaty and smudged what you'd barely managed to paint (good thing you went for the sciences in high school, right?).

Well, let's not beat around the bush: some people are born with a talent for crafts. Give them a few stationery supplies and some glue, and in no time, they'll create a small masterpiece. On the other hand, there are people like us who hear "crafts" and run in the opposite direction.

Before you use the excuse that you're a science person, CALM DOWN. We're not planning to hand you a canvas, paint pots, brushes, and leave you alone in front of the blank canvas. "What am I going to paint?" "I don't know anything about painting styles." "How do colors mix?" and so many other questions we once asked ourselves.

Instead of giving you the fish, we'll give you the fishing rod (well, the paintbrush). Instead of pushing you into the pool to learn how to swim, we'll get in there with you, little by little, so you can see that the water doesn't scald or bite anyone.

In short, we're going to be your guide so that (yes, yes) you can paint a picture with your own hands, a craft whose process you'll enjoy and whose result you can proudly present, so you can later gift it to whoever you want.

They won't believe it... until you tell them how you did it with Canvas by Numbers.

How Will You Paint the Best Picture to Gift?

To paint a picture and gift it as a craft, the simple method we suggest is painting by numbers. And no, it doesn't mean filling the canvas with numbers as if it were a math chalkboard...

The canvas is divided into numbered areas. Each number is associated with a paint color, and you'll have to apply the paint to the respective area following the simple instructions that will be provided to accompany you.

This way, as you apply the paint to the designated areas, the picture will appear before your eyes. And most importantly: you'll realize that YES, YOU CAN PAINT.

The result will be a craft... well, a true work of art that will delight that special person!

Oh, would you do us a favor?

When they ask you where you bought it... Tell them you did it with Canvas by Numbers.

What You'll Receive to Create Your Picture

You won't have to go to the stationery store to buy materials. We'll send you a kit with everything you need to paint a picture:

  • The canvas of the picture you've chosen, divided into numbered areas.
  • A photograph of the finished picture, to serve as a guide.
  • A set of non-toxic acrylic paints, safety and health above all.
  • Brushes of various sizes.
  • Instructions to follow for applying the paint to the canvas.

Canvas by Numbers Kit

So, the only thing you'll need to contribute is the enthusiasm to create the craft you never thought you'd make.

Choose and Gift Your Picture, Artist

At Canvas by Numbers, we have the perfect picture to gift to every person:

Paintings of Mandalas to Gift

Painting mandalas is a perfect technique to relax and relieve daily stress. Not to mention, they're ideal for adding color to any corner of your home. Here are the top ones, and here's the entire collection of mandala pictures.

Paint mandalas for a gift
Vibrant mandala for painting and gifting
Gift the wisdom mandala

Famous Painter's Paintings

Explore our collection of the most famous paintings in history, such as Van Gogh's works and Claude Monet's paintings.

Paint Starry Night to gift
Paint Claude Monet to gift


Do you want to see all the pictures you can paint? Click here to see the complete collection and discover the artist within you with Canvas by Numbers!

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