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11 reasons to paint by numbers

Have you been searching the web for articles that can tell you about how to paint? Have you been searching the web for articles that can tell you how beneficial painting is for all of us? Or, have you been searching the web for techniques that can guide you in learning the basics or help you develop your skills if you are an intermediate level painter?

Paint by numbers kits allow you to develop your creativity by yourself. Van Gogh in his time produced about 2100 artworks in his short career as a painter and is one of the most famous painters of the western world. The last Van Gogh I remember being auctioned was in 2017 for a staggering 66.3 million dollars. Why am I talking about Van Gogh? Well, that is because Van Gogh probably stands as the best example of a self-taught master of the art of painting. In fact, in his early days, Van Gogh was terrible with a brush, considered to be of no natural talent. However, Van Gogh taught himself by first doing some still image artworks and copying the existing artworks of his time. Copying the work of others let him perfect his brushwork and use of colors.

This is what exactly Paint by Numbers helps all of us with and the benefits as described by people who have used Paint by numbers Kits constitutes an unending list of experiences but we have done the hard work for you and listed the Top 11 benefits of using a Paint by numbers Kit.

1- A complete set

Most of the Paint by number kits available in the market constitute a complete Kit that is ready to get you started, not get you frustrated. If you have just started on the idea of painting, the task to search and shop and put a painting Kit together can be really exhausting and can become a big roadblock for you. Going through types and sizes of canvases, brushes, and types of paint bases is going to open a completely new and exhausting project for you. So spare yourself an early roadblock and shop our famous paintings with numbers collection. We will list some great kits for you on the way.

2- Ready to use

Getting yourself sorted on the shopping list and purchasing everything you feel you need is just the beginning of it. It is more like the tip of the iceberg. Once you get everything you may need you will have to begin with the process of prepping everything. Preparing your Canvas alone will seem like a herculean task if you are not an expert at it. Preparing the Canvas will require you to Priming the canvas, defining the edge margins, stretching it on the stretcher bars, “If you can get it right” etc. You will also have to prep your brushes and paints and do not get me started on what all that requires. Comparatively, Paint by number Kits will come with a ready canvas that has been primed, colors that have been mixed and matched to the right shades and brushes that are as required for the given canvas.

3- Fits both new and experienced artists

You can be a beginner who has never painted before or has done some brushwork recently or you can be an advanced level painter who has been at the canvas for some time now. Paint by numbers Kit has many things to offer for all of us. While as beginners can save themselves all the hassle of getting started with a ready to use and complete kit. Advanced painters can find help getting guided on existing artworks and getting familiar with different color tones and art subjects.

4- Beginner friendly

A Paint by numbers kit is a like a mentor to guide you step by step and help you bring an artwork to life. Painting can be a real intimidating challenge if you don’t have guidance and many beginners give it up due to the lack of it. However, a paint numbers Kit is created with a precisely numbered canvas marked with numbers that match with given paints that come with the kit. It not only is going to get you set but it is also going to get you going on the goal until you achieve it.

5- Freedom for advanced painters

More advanced painters get the advantage of a ready canvas with a wide range of color mix and match possibilities to create their unique style. You can choose a subject to refer to the existing artwork and then choose your own style and keep referencing it with the original picture on the go.

6- Ideal to master color toning

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced level painter, you should know that all the game in the painting is about color toning. Two different color tones of the same color can make all the difference in bringing a picture to life. If you know color toning, believe me, you are halfway there. A paint numbers kit will help you learn on the go, how color tones work and how they help draw different features of an image. Color toning defines how vivid an image can be and makes the difference between a two dimensional and three-dimensional presentation. A great example of vivid color paint by numbers kit will be the artwork of Mother Nature Tree of Life

7- Develop creativity skills

Paint by number kits come in a wide range of subjects, allow you to experiment and learn new styles, and develop your imagination and creative skills. Learning and mastering any art is a matter of practicing. To widen the domain, you need to try different subjects that will teach you something new and add to your basic skill set. It is like learning to play different songs on a guitar and while doing so, you not only learn new songs but you keep getting better at the base skill of strumming chords and picking strings. A few subject examples are listed below.

8- Better than fidget spinners

Well it’s a known fact that painting is used as a healing therapy and stress buster but as I already said above beginning to paint and getting set up for it can be a real challenge. So if you are looking for the stress-busting benefits of painting, there is nothing better than a Paint by numbers Kit to get you started.

9- Great for children's emotional development

Well getting started on a painting is as big a challenge for a kid as it is for an adult, or maybe even bigger challenge. All the challenges that we have listed above are as equally applicable to kids. How about making it easier for them to start. Get them paint by numbers kits and get them going. You will see your kids feeling emotionally strong with a sense of achievement once the picture comes to life. The process will be learning for them and they will get to connect with their sense of creativity along the way without getting frustrated. Once they are confident enough with the brush they can go and explore their own domain.

10- Master your brushes

You may know your canvas, you know your brushes and you may know your paint, but without a controlled steady hand that does not slip at the edges, you can never excel at the art of painting. Painting is a fine art and every stroke of the brush defines the final picture that will come alive. Therefore, teaching your hand and developing your motor skills is of prime importance. Paint by numbers canvas is marked like a blueprint with defined boundaries and you need to fill in a numbered color to the specific section, which can be of varied shapes. Filling in given defined areas lets you practice and develop motor skills and brushwork.

11- A memento of self-achievement

Last but not the least, self-achievement will be your ultimate price. No matter if it will be a copy of an existing artwork, you will do the hard work, you will go through hours of brushwork, concentration, involvement before the picture comes to life and when you hand it on a wall it will not be just a piece of art but a memory hanging there.

So go on and get started with a Kit today. You will love it and keep following the blog for more information on different styles of painting.
Please leave comments on what more you would like to know and any other subjects that you may need information about.

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