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Paint By Numbers Blog-Always next to our elders!-Canvas by Numbers

Always next to our elders!

You already know that at Canvas by Numbers, we are enthusiasts of paint by numbers for adults. Most of our blog posts start with a similar phrase, and yes, we may sound repetitive, but in this case, it was necessary to reiterate. We, as a company, take immense pride in having contributed to alleviating the loneliness of our seniors during this challenging period we have lived through and continue to endure.

The effects of the pandemic have been devastating, and isolation has taken a toll on all of us. The change in life imposed by the dreaded virus has left many of us feeling "touched."

However, the hardest hit have been our seniors, who saw their activities and daily lives come to a screeching halt with no alternative but confinement.

They were first confined and later semi-confined, unable to enjoy the activities they used to do regularly, without visits from family, no organized trips, no coffee on a terrace with neighbors or friends, and without their strolls down the street. Always living in fear of contagion, avoiding physical contact, and limiting trips to the store to just once a week.

Some of our customers belong to that group, true enthusiasts "hooked" on paint by numbers for adults who challenge themselves with new projects and share their thoughts with us.

So, when a municipality in the province of Granada reached out to the company to gather information about our paint by numbers kits and their usefulness in alleviating the effects of confinement and loneliness imposed on their seniors, we had no doubt: they had chosen the perfect solution.

The fear of contagion in such a high-risk segment prevented the municipality from organizing workshops like in previous years, group trips, or other typical group activities, and they were looking for an activity to fill the void left by the previous ones.

Paint by numbers proved to be ideal: it can be done at home or in small bubble groups, it doesn't require prior experience or special painting skills, and it doesn't need a monitor to guide the process.

We placed an initial order that, according to feedback, was a huge success, as the recipients enjoyed it threefold: choosing the painting, while painting it, and when they displayed the final result at the municipality.

That was the first order, but not the last, and the list is extensive.

Today, we have the trust of many municipalities in the province of Granada and other provinces: Sorvilán, Lobras, Nevada, Bérchules, Turón, Válor, Murtas, Mairena, Hellín, Alpujarra de la Sierra, and more.

It was just the beginning of our long-lasting relationship... and we say this because paint by numbers is addictive, and of course, they repeat!

And there's nothing more to say. The photos speak for themselves.

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