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Paint By Numbers Blog-How Paint by Numbers Can Keep Children Entertained at Home during COVID-19-Canvas by Numbers

How Paint by Numbers Can Keep Children Entertained at Home during COVID-19

Paint by Numbers for kids is not only fun, but it also has huge benefits for their physical and psychological wellbeing. As a bonus, it can keep your children engaged for hours – good news for all parents trying to find positive ways to engage the children during the quarantine period.

If you’ve been looking for an activity to add to your learning or entertainment repertoire for children during the COVID-19 school break, find out how to use Colorful Paint by Numbers kits for kids. Learn the benefits of incorporating Paint by Numbers – whether as part of their virtual learning activities or for entertainment.

Benefits of Paint by Numbers

Painting is a useful avenue for self-expression, and to keep children mentally and physically stimulated while they’re stuck indoors. You don’t have to be a skilled artist to start painting, especially when using Paint by Numbers kits. Below are some benefits of these kits:

  • Simplicity – Paint by Numbers is only about following instructions, which means it’s easy for beginners, and the final product will still look great. Kids don’t need to mix colors, create an outline, or decide what colors to use
  • Stress relief – painting can help you to engage with your feelings and release any tension and stress. As we’re stuck indoors, tensions can mount very easily
  • Reducing anxiety – a Paint by Numbers kit removes the pressure of having a “perfect” finished product; all one needs to do is follow the color code. Therefore, it’s a great way to enjoy the art without the pressure
  • Passing time – depending on size, you can use Paint by Numbers kit to keep a child occupied for a few hours at a time. This is extremely helpful during a quarantine like this one
  • Variety – there are different kinds of kits depending on your child’s interests. You can start with simpler ones and increase complexity as the child becomes better
  • Motor skills – learning how to paint within lines improves a child’s fine motor skills, as well as their hand-eye and bilateral coordination
  • Life skills – Paint by Numbers helps kids to develop their concentration, attention to detail, patience, and ability to follow instructions

There are dozens of benefits to using Paint by Numbers kits, and you can also find kits for adults to use along with your child.

Tips to Use Paint by Numbers Kits

The most important thing to learn is that the principles and benefits of paint by number sets can still be absorbed even if the final product is imperfect. Try to help your child focus on the process and the opportunity for creativity and self-expression. If you’re focused on the product, your child might develop performance anxiety and fail to gain the benefits.

Be sure to find kits according to your child’s age, e.g., larger sections with simpler colors for younger kids. Then, you can get more complex kits as the child’s skill improves. Remember to celebrate the final product to encourage your child to keep painting.


Children love working with their hands, and getting them a Paint by Numbers kit would keep them engaged for hours. Use this great tool to pass time and give your child all the benefits. Replace that digital screen with a real-life canvas and watch their creativity come to life on something the can touch – better than any screen any day! Start your project ASAP and receive quick shipping by shopping our collection of paint by numbers painting shipped from the US.

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