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Our Mission

At Canvas by Numbers, we manufacture the best paint by number kits on the market at a competitive price, thanks to our team's experience and our licensing partnerships with artists and new talents.

Our goal is to improve people's lives through painting as a creative, relaxing, and fun activity, even for those without previous experience. We want you to put aside the stress of daily life to connect with your inner artist and enjoy that particular time just for you, without the limitations of gender, age, or training. Painting is for everyone, and we want to bring creativity to as many people as possible.

Painting and Creativity is for Everyone | Canvas by Numbers
Canvas by Numbers manufacture the best paint by number kits

How everything started

Hi, I’m Frank from Granada (a lovely city in Spain), and this is our story sprinkled with paint and passion! My journey from Spain to San Francisco introduced me to Ziwen, my wife and a true painting enthusiast. My own artistic adventures were... let’s just say, less than stellar. Early attempts? Total disasters—think smudged canvases tossed in the trash.

We later settled in Ireland, where I dove into the corporate world. It paid the bills but hardly sparked joy. Cue the life-changing magic of paint by numbers. It promised simple joy: match numbers to colors and voila! Despite receiving a package that looked like it survived a duel, I gave it a shot. Armed with acrylics and a playlist, I found myself lost in painting, hours flying by. This wasn't just art; it was my escape, our couple’s therapy on canvas, and soon enough, a shared obsession with Ziwen.

Yet, not all was rosy. The market’s kits were a gamble—wrinkled canvases, mismatched paints, you name it. Could we do better? Spoiler: Yes, yes we could.

Caught up in the paint-by-numbers craze, I envisioned the perfect kit—a painter’s dream down to the last detail. Alongside my wife, we deep-dived into the world of adult painting kits. From exploring the best blend of canvas materials and mastering pigment saturation to selecting the right brushes and securing image licenses, we crafted our ideal product.

Launching our online store in the U.S. was just the beginning. With minimal initial investment thanks to the existing market familiarity, our store hit the ground running. Quality products, exceptional customer care, and positive word of mouth fueled our growth, turning a family project into a global business. Now, selling in over 20 countries and leading the industry in the US and EU, Canvas by Numbers stands as a testament to where passion and dedication can take you.

What is Paint By Numbers?

Do you remember color by numbers coloring books when you were a little child? Paint by numbers kits are the same concept, but expanded on canvas and include high-quality acrylic paints and brushes. The canvas is divided into numbered sections that match the numbers on your premixed paints. Some even say Leonardo DaVinci used this method to teach his students! With this simple process and our easy instruction guide, you can create beautiful masterpieces that mimic the real artist’s work.

Paint by numbers with Canvas by Numbers
What is Paint By Numbers?

The details make the difference

Painting on canvas is an activity where you get physically and emotionally involved in creating a work to remember. It is therefore essential that such an investment has a fantastic result. Our extensive experience has allowed us to perfect our paintings to offer you an enriching experience.

Canvas by Numbers quality

Canvas quality

Unlike the competition, our canvases are specially manufactured for paint by numbers using a cotton and linen blend with a weight of 240 g / m2. High definition and color printing are done with EPSON industrial printers, the best in the industry. The canvases are easy to read and resistant to the passage of time for an unforgettable masterpiece.

Canvas by Numbers are experts in Color Theory

Experts in Color Theory

Our high-quality, water-based acrylic paints (environmentally friendly) and our experience with colors make every painting look stunning, with excellent reproductive fidelity to the original work.

At Canvas by Numbers we support artists

We Support the Artists

At Canvas by Numbers, we use exclusive, fully licensed images that give back to and support each artist. Every image we gain licensing for is then designed in-house to include a high volume of up to 28 color options. Tinted canvases and high-resolution printing gives you a great head start to creating something of true beauty!

Social Program | Canvas by Numbers
Social Program | Canvas by Numbers

Socially responsible

At Canvas by Numbers, we believe that we are selling "much more" than a product. Each painting sold represents hours of tranquility, peace, and entertainment, contributing to a better mental balance and a therapeutic activity for the vast majority of people. During 2020 Covid outbreak, we have collaborated with town councils in small towns providing a fun pastime to our elders who have found in painting a refuge from the unfortunate situation we have experienced. Painting not only favors the preservation of cognitive functions, but it is a practical activity to combat Alzheimer's.

Custom Photo Options

Sometimes the most meaningful work of art is painting you made by hand that immortalizes a special memory. We offer custom paint by numbers kits made from your personal photographs. Choose from different sized canvases, framing options, and your desired detail level. Get creative with a wedding photo, family picture, pet portrait, a landscape from a favorite destination, and so much more! Craft your custom canvas painting for your own walls or give it as a thoughtful gift to a loved one. All of our paint by numbers kits include premium paints, brushes, and canvases to give you a finished project you can be proud of!

Custom Paint by Numbers Kits | Canvas by Numbers
Custom Paint by Numbers Kits | Canvas by Numbers

Use of the lastest technologies

Trust the process. We have software specially designed for us that allows us to vectorize any painting with a spectacular level of detail. We eliminate the frustration of spending time painting so that the result is not what you expected. You only have to worry about enjoying yourself, relaxing, and seeing how your work of art takes shape!

  • By the river | Richard Macneil
  • Along the River - Richard Macneil | Canvas by Numbers
  • Along the River - Richard Macneil | Canvas by Numbers

Everyday is a new opportunity

We sincerely thank you for your trust. We hope you enjoy bringing out your inner artist in the same way we have enjoyed this journey full of enthusiasm and love that is Canvas by Numbers.

- Frank & Ziwen

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