Collection: Horse Paint by Numbers

Horses have long been a subject of paintings throughout history. They’re stunning, powerful creatures that were once our primary form of transportation. Even today, people love riding and racing horses because of their exhilarating speed and elegance. From Native American depictions to German Expressionism, you’ll see horses in a whole new light with our horse paint by numbers collection.

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Master Paintings

Canvas by Numbers strives to deliver well-known art pieces that appeal to many interests. Whether you’re a fan of Realism or Abstract designs, you can find something to suit your aesthetic in our horse paint by number collection. In addition to the resulting masterpiece you create, painting also provides many additional health benefits. Studies show that painting relieves stress, as well as improves your mood, memory, and motor skills. If you’re interested in painting as a hobby and you love horses, shop our paint by number horse kits to get started.

No Experience Necessary

Our horse paint by number kits are appropriate for all experience levels and ages. Whether you’re an adult or you’re considering a gift for a child, paint by numbers is a perfect choice! The clear lines and numbers are easy to read and understand for beginners and experienced painters alike. If you love animals and you’re looking for more masterpieces that incorporate nature, consider checking out our Animal Paint by Numbers Kits and Fantasy Paint by Numbers Art Kits. Discover your inner artist with one of our horse paint by numbers today!