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Bring your favorite furry friends to life with our collection of paint by numbers cats and dogs

Our painting pets collection features paintings of beloved housepets in a variety of comical situations. Whether you're looking for cute puppies, dogs playing pool, or abstract cats, we'll have the perfect kits. Our painting pet kits come with everything you need to bring these animals to life. For a custom pet portrait, make sure you check out our custom paint by numbers page.

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Relax and Unwind With Our Stress-Free Paint by Numbers Kits

Did you know that painting not only expands creative growth but emotional growth as well? Painters of all skill levels find that releasing their emotions through artwork is a great way to process and experience moods that they might otherwise gloss right over. By working with color, and style, and creating a sense of mastery upon completion, art can be a powerful tool to foster healing, create a flow state, and express one’s inner creativity during each painting session. 

Creativity Meets Quality at Canvas by Numbers

Creating beautiful art begins with purchasing high-quality supplies. At Canvas by Numbers, we believe that art should be accessible to everyone—and we’re committed to bringing high-quality, accessible paint by numbers kits and art accessories to all. Discover the joy of painting pets with our paint by numbers cats and dogs kits for a masterpiece to cherish forever!