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Creativity does not go on vacation

At Canvas by Numbers, we want to enhance your skills so that you can unleash the artist within you, waiting to come out. In other posts, we've emphasized the benefits of this hands-on activity for stress relief, disconnecting from day-to-day problems, boosting self-esteem, or simply breaking the routine, all while not forgetting to enjoy – the primary goal in starting any leisure project.

In these times of a pandemic and confinement, painting by numbers has made our isolation more bearable. It's a motivating activity that you can practice in the comfort of your home, without fearing unwanted virus exposure that has kept us away from our loved ones.

But now we're emerging. There's light at the end of the tunnel. Summer has arrived, and we're returning to the streets, meeting friends, taking walks, planning vacations, and finally leaving behind that mandatory confinement that tested us all. Finally!

Well, we want you to get out and enjoy nature, the sea, friends, terraces, the sun, etc., all without leaving your creativity and artistic skills behind. Have you tried it?

We're not trying to convince you to pack your brushes for a trip to Paris, for instance, but we do want you to appreciate how rewarding it can be to have vacations where your favorite activity isn't subject to schedules or the need to interrupt the task because of work, picking up kids from school, or an early start the next day. Enjoy painting without the clock and without haste!

Summer vacations are different from other holiday periods like Christmas or Easter. The good weather is on your side, the days are longer, and the vacations themselves are longer. And, most importantly, there's more time for relaxation.

At Christmas, for example, between shopping, family and work meals, Christmas Eve preparations, New Year's Eve, etc., there's barely any space for relaxation. It's warm and family-oriented but quite a marathon. Easter is shorter but equally hectic. According to statistics, we all rush into the first trip of the year; we've all seen and experienced the long lines of vehicles leaving major cities, the crowds at airports, and train stations.

However, summer vacations are different, with more free days and a greater focus on relaxation. Most Spaniards opt for a short getaway, and the rest of the time is spent at home, though some lucky ones have an entire month to savor summer in their favorite beach, countryside, or city spot.

So, whether you're at home or in your vacation spot, the idea of painting by numbers or painting by diamonds is more than recommended. With no schedules and no rush, by the seaside or on the terrace at home with a beer by your side, when kids are napping or in the morning's coolness. You choose the moment; after all, you're on vacation!

Paint by numbers kits come with everything you need for the activity: canvas, brushes, and acrylic paints. They require very little space, and in summer, light isn't an issue, so you can set up your canvas almost anywhere and let your creative magic flow. You'll have a tangible memory of these vacations! 

At Canvas by Numbers, we have a wide catalog, but this time, we recommend our paint by numbers from the collection with Express Delivery. In 24 hours, you'll be enjoying your painting. Choose a design with bright and vivid colors, just like summer itself, and spend the long summer days creating a unique piece.

(*) The painting selected for this post is La Cascina sul Lago by Guido Borelli. Do you feel like painting it?

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