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COVID-19 is severely impacting logistics. Please, refer to the info below:

For paid shipping orders:

In some cases, you may notice that your tracking information is not updating, and it is stuck in "order information saved" or "shipping information received" for several days or even weeks.

If that's your case, your order is waiting to be processed at the courier's global processing center. There is a transportation restriction in place that is limiting the number of packages that can be shipped every day, so some packages need to wait until they can be included in the next batch. This should take 1-2 weeks. Bear in mind that this is due to the global pandemic, and we wish we could do anything about it. Once your order is processed and scanned, the tracking information will gradually update, and it should take 10-15 days to be with you.

For free shipping orders (your tracking number starts with L):

It has been reported that free shipping orders may need to wait 3-4 weeks for customs clearance. Therefore, you'll see in your tracking info that "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" for a while. This does not mean that it never left the warehouse, but that it hasn't made it yet through customs in your country. If it has been 30 days and you order did not progress further, please get in touch. 

If your order remains as pending/does not exist for more than ten days, send us a quick email at

Please understand that if you already received a tracking number via email, we won't be able to cancel your order as it's not in our warehouse anymore. You can always return your order for a full refund as long as it is not a custom PBN. The current shipping times are:

FREE SHIPPING: 15-30 days from dispatch + possible delays. 

STANDARD SHIPPING: 15 days from dispatch + possible 7-14 days delay.

For more info, please check our ORDER STATUS information.

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