Collection: All Paint by Numbers Kits

Canvas by Numbers offers you a truly curated selection of unique paint by numbers canvases, with more being added every week! If you want to see everything we have to offer, in addition to our best sellers or newest canvases, you can explore all our paint by numbers kits here. Along with your favorite artists and subjects, this collection also features our custom paint by numbers options and accessories.

How Custom Paint by Numbers Works

If you want to shop the most unique paint by numbers canvases ever, we recommend designing your own! When you shop all our paint by number kits, you’ll see several customization options to transform a photo of your pet or family into a painting. Simply send us a high-resolution image with neutral lighting, pick your canvas size, specify your color preference, and we’ll send you a canvas that’s ready for painting!

Benefits of Paint by Numbers

At Canvas by Numbers, we genuinely believe in the benefits of our products. While our kits themselves include high-quality canvas, paints, and printing to ensure you create a masterpiece, the action of painting also has numerous physical and mental benefits. Find a hobby that helps you relieve stress, improve your fine motor skills, and enhance cognitive function when you take time every day to paint.

Ready to discover these benefits for yourself? Shop all our paint by number kits now to find a piece that inspires you to get to painting!