Collection: Boats & Ships

There are many types of paint by numbers themes we carry in our collections, and this includes boats and ships. If you’re interested in paintings of ships sailing that depict everything from gondolas in Venice to canoes on a beach, Canvas by Numbers has got you covered. Browse our collection of sailboat paint by numbers to enjoy images of marine escapades from every era. Here, you’ll also find sea-focused works by Vincent Van Gogh and Henri Rivière from our masterpiece collections. Shop our ship paint by numbers today to find the work that speaks to you!

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Tranquil Home Decor

There’s something so tranquil about looking at a piece of art that encapsulates sailing on a body of water. Whether it’s a sailboat on the ocean or a canoe on a pond, you can lose yourself in these pieces, imagining the waves lapping on the shore and seagulls crying in the wind. With our sailboat paint by numbers, you can bring these beautiful works into your home with a twist – you paint them yourself! Collaborate with an artist on a painting for your home decor when you shop our ships sailing paintings today!

Everything You Need in One Kit

At Canvas by Numbers, we don’t simply provide a canvas of ship paintings and leave you stranded on the high seas! With us, you get everything you need to start painting right away. After choosing your preferred canvas size and one of our framing options, you’ll get a kit that includes the canvas (of course), instructions to get you started, paints in the exact colors of the painting, and brushes in a variety of sizes so you can fill in even the smallest space with ease. Choose your favorite painting of ships sailing here and start painting right away.