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Original ideas for Christmas gifts

Every year, it seems like Christmas arrives earlier. Typical holiday products flood stores in October, advertising advances its dates, and even the holiday lighting that brightens the streets is inaugurated earlier. The list of gifts couldn't be left behind. In fact, it has become a classic to take advantage of November to purchase Christmas and Epiphany gifts.

Have you started to make your gift list? No? Yes? Yes, but are you stuck with some because you've exhausted your repertoire of ideas from previous years?

Giving gifts is a pleasure, there's no doubt about that. However, finding time outside of work hours, holiday home decoration, family visits and meals, work-related gatherings (by the way, they're also happening earlier), dealing with kids on vacation, and other activities typical of the season, it's truly a stressful task. We want to get our gifts right and have them particularly appreciated by the recipient, and for that, we invest time, effort, and money.

It's also a classic for unforeseen events to add even more stress to the days we had marked to tackle the "gift operation." And that's why you should already be making your list, because everything comes together later, and you end up buying the same blue tie, scarf, or perfume as always. Enjoy Christmas with your tasks completed!

From here, we want to help you fill in those gaps on the list that you can't stop thinking about: have you considered giving a DIY craft?

Painting by numbers includes everything necessary for the activity: canvas, brushes, and paint. It doesn't require prior experience or special painting skills, is suitable for all ages, is highly beneficial for physical and mental health, and, above all, it's a lot of fun. Naturally, it meets the three fundamental requirements of a great gift:

  • Appropriate for the recipient's tastes and age (with a wide variety to choose from)
  • Originality, it's a surprising gift (have you ever received one? Well..., it's different.)
  • Very affordable (we spend a lot on shopping, so we need to stick to a budget).

Think that you're not giving an object that's used and then stored in a drawer until next time, you're giving relaxing evenings at home painting with background music, a break from day-to-day problems, the gift of art, and a boost of self-esteem when the painting is finished and decorates a wall, among other things. Can anyone forget a gift like that?

At Canvas by Numbers, we offer a wide variety of paintings, more than 300 to choose from:

  • Landscapes, flowers, portraits, classic and famous paintingsabstracts, animals, cities..., from renowned painters or young talents we collaborate with. Nothing like our collection of bestsellers to get some ideas. Why buy a framed print when you can paint it yourself and then frame it?
  • You have three options for each painting:
    • Canvas rolled in a protective tube.
    • Canvas rolled in a protective tube + pine wood frame to assemble yourself.
    • Canvas stretched on a frame, ready to paint and hang on the wall.


Can you ask for more? Well, yes, you can ask for more:

  • Excellent quality and premium presentation with an organizing box for paints, brushes, and a protective bag.
  • Free returns up to 60 days after receiving it.
  • Prompt shipment tracking and customer service.

And if the person receiving your gift is very special to you, why not surprise them with a personalized paint by numbers canvas of a photo where you're together? Can you imagine their face when they receive it?

And if they love their pet, how about a personalized canvas of their best friend?

And if it's a teenager who likes to personalize their room..., or if that person has just retired..., or is trying to quit smoking..., or overcoming an illness..., or loves decoration... Surely you've come up with a few more ideas reading this post! The variety and versatility of painting by numbers offer many possibilities.

We hope we've been able to help you and that the task of giving gifts is truly rewarding and not a source of stress.

See you soon! 🎁🎨

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