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Crista Forest Collection

Forest er en naturkunstner som startet ungt. Kunstverkene hennes for kjæledyrlerret er inspirert av hennes kjærlighet til den naturlige verden og hennes fascinasjon for dyreriket. Med våre maling etter tall-sett kan du også etterligne hennes unike stil. Fang personlighetene til motivene dine med dristige linjer og lyse farger som kommer mot bakgrunnen.

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  • Pumpkin Harvest Puppy - Paint by Numbers-This paint by numbers kit of a cute Labrador pup posing with some harvest goodies will provide hours of fun! Exclusive to Canvas by Numbers.-Canvas by Numbers

    Pumpkin Harvest Puppy - Maling etter tall

    by Crista Forest

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  • 🔥 Last Units! Lagre 34% Spring’s Gift - Paint by Numbers-Take a breath of fresh air and jump into this beautiful spring landscape paint by numbers kit and immerse yourself in a ponies' paradise.-Canvas by Numbers

    Vårens gave - Mal etter tall

    by Crista Forest

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Capture the Untold Stories of Animals

Crista Forest tries to capture the nature of animals in her paintings—their personalities, their quirks, and their unique traits—so that viewers can connect with them on an emotional level. Each artwork is inspired by the untapped stories of animals, including their emotional and physical abilities, their resilience in the face of adversity, and the unique beauty that lies within each animal's life experience. To show her dedication, each pet canvas art is meant to inspire and raise awareness about animal conservation. Go on an enlightening journey with every piece. 

Paint Your Favorite Animals 

You may want to paint but don't have a lot of time to learn how. That's why we created our paint by numbers kits—so you can get started on your creative projects as soon as possible. Our kits come with everything you need: up to 28 color options for paints, PBN brushes, a cotton-woven canvas, a comprehensive reference sheet, and an instruction manual that makes it simple to get started in creating stunning works of art. Can’t wait to display your pet art canvas in all its glory? Add opt-in frames or go the DIY route for a fun twist.