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Tools and Accessories for Diamond Painting

Paint By Numbers Blog-Tools and Accessories for Diamond Painting-Canvas by Numbers

Diamond painting, like any other artistic creation, also requires its particular set of tools. Thus, having the right utensils is essential to create diamond paintings worthy of an art gallery.

In this post, we'll tell you about the tools you need to get started, tools that you'll undoubtedly find in all our diamond art kits for adults.

Basic Tools for Diamond Art

Diamond Applicator Pen

The applicator pen is the most crucial tool for diamond painting. This tool is used to pick up diamonds and place them on the adhesive canvas. It consists of a plastic tube with a hollow tip where the diamond is inserted, and, thanks to the wax, it adheres to the pen.

There are different types of applicator pens. For instance, some have tips that allow you to pick up a larger number of diamonds at once, while others are more ergonomic or made of different materials. Choosing one depends on your needs or even personal preferences.


Along with the applicator pen, tweezers are another tool you might need for diamond painting. Unlike the pen, tweezers are not impregnated with wax, so they are useful for easily picking up diamonds without staining them, for example, to place them in another tray as needed.

Wax or Glue

Wax or glue is used to impregnate the diamond pieces, allowing you to pick them up with the applicator pen and stick them on the canvas. But how does the diamond detach from the pen and stick to the canvas?

The key is that the adhesive on the canvas is stronger than the wax used for the pen, so when you place the piece on the canvas, it easily releases from the applicator.

Diamond Tray

Diamond trays are essential accessories to keep the resin pieces organized during the process. They are also included in diamond art kits and are ideal for aligning the resin pieces, making it easier to pick them up with the applicator pen.

Diamond Bags

Imagine opening your adult diamond painting kit and finding all the pieces mixed up. It's best if they come in plastic bags, categorized by color or size: crucial to maintaining order even before you start.

Resin Diamonds

Of course, no diamond painting kit is complete without diamonds! These are the small, resin pieces in various colors that we use to shape the image, sticking them in their corresponding places according to the guide or picture of the painting.

Reference Guide

It's always handy to have a reference guide with the completed diamond painting to consult if you get stuck during the process. Although we've mentioned it at the end of our list, it's another basic tool for painting by diamonds.

Diamond Painting Tool Kit

Canvas by Numbers Adult Diamond Art Kits

Canvas by Numbers' diamond painting kits are designed to offer you an enriching and highly rewarding experience. They include all the tools and materials you'll need to create your masterpiece, from the applicator pen to the reference guide.

Discover the best diamond painting kits now and enjoy this hobby that has captivated those seeking a fun and relaxing activity!

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