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Tips for acrylic painting

Tips for Painting by Numbers

The acrylic paint in the Canvas by Numbers kits is water-based, easy to work with and easy to clean, as you only need water to remove paint from brushes and surfaces. However, it's a good idea to protect your clothing to prevent unwanted stains while painting.

Useful Tips:

  • The workspace is essential; it should be well-lit to clearly see the lines and numbers on the canvas you're painting by numbers. You can start by using a flat surface, such as a table, or go directly to the typical painter's support: an easel.
  • It's advisable to mix the paints with a toothpick or a brush before using them; this process ensures consistent color and texture.
  • Start by painting small areas and gradually work towards larger areas. Details on faces are important, and for portraits or custom paintings, we recommend starting with the eyes.
  • Before changing colors, rinse the brush with water. You should have a small container of water next to your paint kit for cleaning the brush with each color change. Different brush sizes and shapes are used for different areas to be painted. You can complement the brushes that come with our paint by numbers kits with an additional selection of brushes.
  • To prevent the paints from thickening, the lid must be tightly closed after each use. If the paint becomes too thick, simply add clean water, drop by drop, while stirring with a toothpick until you achieve the desired consistency.
  • Lighter colors may require additional layers of paint for optimal coverage.
  • If you use the wrong color in a numbered area, let it dry and then repaint with the correct color.

Painting by Numbers Techniques

These techniques will help you achieve a better result in your painting by numbers artwork. Before applying them to your painting, it's a good idea to do some test runs on a separate canvas to see the effect and decide if you like it. Some techniques include:

  • Dry Brushing: Apply successive layers with more fluid paint so that the canvas is not completely sealed. This creates a watercolor-like effect.
  • Highlighting: Once dry, select a lighter color than the painted area. Apply the color to a dry brush and work it on the surface until the paint becomes tacky. Then lightly apply it to highlight the brushstroke texture.
  • Blending: As you complete a numbered area, use the bristles of a dry brush to blend the wet edge with the adjacent area, softening the contrast. This technique is particularly useful for colorful abstract paintings.
  • Striping: Paint fine stripes of a lighter shade over a darker shade very gently. This technique adds texture to hair and backgrounds.
  • Glossy Finish: This depends on your preference. If you like a glossy finish, you can complete the painting with a layer of clear gloss. Once the artwork is completely dry, apply a horizontal layer and let it dry. The second layer should be applied vertically, and the final drying will give you the desired finish.

How to Frame a Paint by Numbers Painting

At least 24 hours should pass before framing your paint by numbers artwork. The paint must be completely dry. Take a look at our paint by numbers and choose the size you want with the "with frame" option. It's worth noting that canvas pieces don't require glass when framing, and... Congratulations, you're now an artist!

Share your creation with the world!

You can display your work on our website and share it with the world. Make sure to leave a review and attach a photo (we'll send you a 30% discount on your next purchase). Thank you for inspiring us!

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