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Paint By Numbers Blog-What is paint by numbers?-Canvas by Numbers

What is paint by numbers?

Painting by numbers is an artistic painting technique that allows people, even without prior knowledge, to create a work of art on canvas, which may seem incredible.

At Canvas by Numbers, we specialize in paint by numbers kits, and we want to explain what it consists of and then list a series of reasons that will encourage you to practice this fantastic activity.

When you receive your kit, you will see that the canvas is divided into perfectly numbered sections. Each of these numbers corresponds to a color, also numbered. Therefore, all the sections of the canvas with a "2" will be painted with the color number 2, and so on for the rest of the numbers.

How to Paint by Numbers with Canvas by Numbers

The mechanics are simple: you paint the interior of the outlined sections, matching the section number with the paint in the container that bears that number on top.

What is paint by numbers? - Canvas by Numbers

With this simple process, you'll see how your artwork comes to life with the excitement that comes with it! See how the canvas shown above turned out:

Finished Paint by Numbers - Canvas by Numbers

Spectacular, isn't it?

If you want to see a finished paint by numbers canvas in action, check out this time-lapse video:

Remember that our paint by numbers kits come with everything you need to complete your artwork, so you won't need anything else! Just the desire to start painting :-)

Your Canvas by Numbers Kit

When you choose a product from our catalog, you will receive:

1) 240gsm Canvas in color with contoured areas outlined by fine gray lines, individually numbered.
2) Numbered containers with acrylic paint in different colors to be used in that specific artwork.
3) A set of brushes suitable for this type of painting in various sizes to work on different areas of the canvas.
4) A reference guide to view the numbers even after you've painted them (ideal for touch-ups).
5) Step-by-step instructions explained in a simple manner.
6) A color photo of the artwork with the color palette used.

In addition, you can buy your canvas rolled up, with a frame for self-assembly, or already assembled.

Why Paint by Numbers?

Every paint by numbers enthusiast has their own reasons, and all of them are valid. Here are three reasons we hear most frequently:

It's fun, and I feel proud: You create your own masterpiece without the need for art classes and the sometimes tedious guidelines required for learning an artistic activity. You don't need to be "gifted" for painting; the results will excite you, and you'll dare to take on new challenges by choosing more complex and detailed works.

It's an ideal relaxation activity: The escape from everyday problems, concentration on details, or the boost in self-esteem from the results are already compelling reasons. Furthermore, the experience of painting by numbers helps develop artistic potential, improves hand-eye coordination, and is a wonderful, affordable, and easy-to-practice hobby.

It's a great idea for gift-giving: Paintings are an essential part of attractive decoration, whether for home or the workplace. We've all given or received a painting as a gift at some point in our lives. However, giving a painting that you've created, choosing a motif that suits the recipient, is much more meaningful than entering a store and buying a gift. It's a part of your time and shows interest and affection for the recipient. A craft to surprise someone special with.

If these three reasons have convinced you, we invite you to take a look at our collection of paint by numbers canvas by clicking here and... Enjoy painting!

Paint By Numbers Blog-Tips for acrylic painting-Canvas by Numbers
Paint By Numbers Blog-How to paint by numbers?-Canvas by Numbers

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