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How to remove acrylic paint from clothes?

Those who have a passion for painting are at risk of getting themselves stained, and although it's part of the fun, the clothes they wear can end up stained with paint.

In this Canvas By Numbers blog article, we explain how to remove acrylic paint from clothing in very simple steps.

Recommended Clothing for Painting in Case of Stains

When painting, it's highly recommended to use smocks or old clothes so that, in case they get stained with dried paint, it won't be the clothing you still wear on a daily basis.

Depending on the base of the paint, it can be more or less challenging to remove the stain. Acrylic paint falls in between water-based paints and oil-based paints in terms of difficulty.

Next, we'll explain the tips for removing acrylic paint stains and saving your favorite clothing without damaging it.

Basic Tips for Removing Acrylic Paint from Clothes

Before delving into the different steps for removing this type of paint, whether it's wet or dry, we'll explain some basic tips for handling this situation.

Act Quickly

Trying to remove a wet acrylic paint stain will be easier and simpler than if it were dry.

Remove the Paint You Can to Prevent Spreading

If the stain is still wet, you can use a dull knife or a spoon to help. You can also use absorbent paper.

Keep the Garment Moist with Water

Acrylic paint easily adheres to fabric and bonds permanently. Once it's dry, it's harder to remove. So, until you can clean it with the right methods, try to keep the garment moist.

Scrape the Paint Off the Fabric

If the paint stain is already dry, carefully scrape the paint off the fabric using a dull knife, a spoon, or a stiff-bristle brush. Be very gentle to avoid damaging the fabric.

Removing Wet Acrylic Paint

One advantage of acrylic paint is that when it's wet, it behaves very similarly to water-based paints, which makes it easier to remove.

However, you must act quickly because acrylic paint is designed to dry fast.

Here are the steps to follow to learn how to remove wet acrylic paint stains from clothing:

Soak the Garment in Cold Water

The first thing you should do when the acrylic paint stain is still wet is to soak the garment in cold water with a little detergent. You can also hold the stain under a stream of warm water and wait for it to fade.

Wash the Garment in the Washing Machine with Warm Water at 30°C

For better cleaning, you can also use a special stain remover. There are many options available on the market.

Once the garment is dry, check to ensure the stain has been removed.

Removing wet acrylic paint stains from clothing

Removing Dry Acrylic Paint

If you couldn't prevent the acrylic paint from drying, and it's more challenging to remove, there are still some tricks that will allow you to remove dry acrylic paint stains without damaging the garment.

Here are the steps to follow for removing dry paint stains:

Use a Product with Alcohol

When acrylic paint dries, it forms a plastic-like layer, similar to what happens with oil-based paints. In these cases, a product with alcohol helps to break the bonds of the plastic layer of the stain.

Scrub the Stain with a Cloth Soaked in Alcohol

Scrub the stain until the cloth has absorbed the color of the stain; that means it's absorbing the color.

Pre-Wash the Garment in Cold Water

Similar to pre-washing clothes stained with wet acrylic paint, soak it and ideally use a special detergent.

Wash the Garment in Hot Water at 30°C with a Little Detergent

Once the garment is dry, check if the acrylic paint stain has disappeared.

These are the best tips to learn how to remove acrylic paint without damaging your clothing. These are very simple techniques that will prevent you from losing that beloved piece of clothing.

As mentioned earlier, from Canvas By Numbers, we recommend using old or disposable clothing when painting.

Otherwise, if you end up staining your clothes, trust these tips to easily remove acrylic paint stains.

Removing Dry Acrylic Paint

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